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Hungover And Hard Up

December 26, 2013


Erin Schrader

 dress: deloom // blazer: stitch fix

In hopes of “getting my life back together” I thought I’d start by writing a blog post. Is today not like the weirdest day EVER to any of you? I feel like the day after Christmas should just be a day that doesn’t exist. I’m still trying to find any good in it but am coming up short every single time. Do you know what happens on December 26th to people who live for Christmas? They transcend into a downward spiral which leads to a deep deep depression that they most likely will never get out of (well at least until New Years Eve). To make matters worse, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year were spent via toilet side thanks to a nice dose of the flu I was fortunate enough to receive. You know what’s not awesome? Hosting Christmas lunch while puking your brains out. I probably wouldn’t recommend trying that one out ever if you have any say in it. It’s much more enjoyable cooking when you are not vomiting into a sink. Okay I’ll stop now. But hey, Merry Christmas. 
Seriously though, today is weird. I can’t figure out if I am supposed to be doing a heck of a lot of something or a heck of a lot of nothing. Looking down at the robe and slippers I am currently decked out in, I am going to go with the second option. I think I’ll do something productive like finish the Twizzler Bites that are laying on the coffee table in the living room. They aren’t going to pick themselves up ya heard? Aside from that I will most likely write down every single thing that I hope to accomplish in 2014 because I always do so well with that stuff (for three days). If I get real crazy I may try to attempt drinking my first alcoholic beverage in days so sending some “best wishes” may be appreciated on that one. I could also start taking down our Christmas decor but that doesn’t usually take place until April in our house so never mind. Laying on the couch it is! 
In conclusion, I’ll leave you with some pictures from our Christmas this year. I apologize in advance if they aren’t that pretty, apparently being sick really puts a damper on one’s artistic abilities. 
ps. Thanks to all of you ladies who gave me ideas on what to purchase Shawn for Christmas. Because of a few of you, I ended up purchasing him a coin and I couldn’t be more excited. Three cheers for technology.

 tracking santa, NBD. 

And of course, because no Christmas would be complete without our annual bell ringing slash Christmas singing, here you go. Consider it our gift to you 😉 


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