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December 4, 2013


Erin Schrader

Listening to: Timber by Pitbull and Kesha. It’s not even like a “currently” thing but rather an “always” type of thing. I can’t get enough. It’s like that time when Pete and Repeat were on a boat and Pete fell off. Who was left? Repeat. Yes, just like that. 

Eating: Chips and hot cheese dip. The same meal that I had for dinner last night is now my lunch today. I am all into only putting nutritional things in my body. Hence the chips and hot cheese dip. 

Wanting to buy: A vinyl record player.

if you are my husband please proceed to click on this link and purchase. thank you.*

This is a new fascination but one I am not going to let die soon. Well, at least not let die until I own one and realize that I never use it. But seriously, anybody out there feel me on the coolness of record players these days? They just scream legit and AWESOME. Never ignore awesome peeps. 

Reading: This is a joke right?

Offering: A special package for those of you who are wanting some extra eyeballs and guidance on all things blogging related going into the new year. Check it out below and book your spot here. Limited to 10 people only! 

Laughing at: The picture above. I named it “package” in my photo album and well, the word package makes me giggle. I am mature, I KNOW. 

Wishing: I was the salsa dancer emoticon. I just can’t let this one go. I want to be so her so bad, it’s not even fair. Some people get all the luck. 
Drinking: Wine. Why? Because I am about to go take pictures of my nieces for their Christmas card. Have you ever tried photographing toddlers? You are better off putting your head in a plastic bag for nine hours straight. Speaking of wine however and not plastic bags, peep this sign I just got to hang up in our kitchen.

sign found here

A family friend (and by family friend I mean my first ever boyfriend’s mother) started making these several years ago as a fun hobby and are now in over 1,100 stores or something equally amazing like that. I own several of them and you probably should too. Fortunately for you, you have until December 16th to get your orders placed for Christmas. Check out Language Art now and get drunk with me on wall art. Pun intended. 

Into: Bowling. Preferably cosmic. My friends and I went last weekend. Where else do you get to have a rave while handling massive balls?! I am totally not bragging about my husband right now but he had 5 strikes IN A ROW. To celebrate I requested the DJ play Cupid Shuffle and proceeded to do it on the bowling alley floor. I mean I did the cupid shuffle. Not “it”. Although after the 5 strike performance I wouldn’t have put it past me. There’s just something about a man and a bowling ball….

He loves giving the camera a high five!

Ending: This post. Wish me luck photographing these girls. Or not committing suicide. 
*dear husband, that link above for the record player is an affiliate link through amazon. this means that we will also receive a return on our investment when you purchase said record player. i promise to give you back all three cents that i will earn from the sale. and that’s a promise.

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