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Sedated In Sedona. Or At Least I Should Have Been…

October 25, 2013


Erin Schrader

One day as Shawn and I were exhausting ourselves by laying around the pool on our vacation, my parents called. One thing you may not know about my parents is that they struggle with this sickness called “don’t know how to relax”. I’ve been working on healing them for years but I have yet to become successful. They do more things than any other person I know and on most weekends put our social life to shame. All of this to say, it came as no surprise when they called and my dad said “there is more to life than laying around a pool Erin…go and do something while you are in Arizona!” Naturally I rolled my eyes because lets be real, there really isn’t anything more to life than laying around a pool, but to humor him I said we would go to Sedona for the day. Except after I said it I felt like we should go because now that my dad has instagram, he stays current on what I am actually doing (like potentially not traveling to Sedona). So off we went.

Now, two things you should know before we actually arrive in Sedona. One-I hate heights. Two-I get panic attacks easily. Combine these two factors and our drive to Sedona (two hours of going uphill, more than 2,000 feet in elevation) was a little full of “I HATE THIS DRIVE. I NEED WINE. MOUNTAINS CAN SUCK IT” moments. Thankfully there was wine and rest stops. Once we finally arrived to the beautiful city of Sedona, I began breathing again and celebrated by taking pictures with every monumental/really historical thing I could find.

All must see attractions if I don’t say so myself.

After deciding that neither one of us needed our palms read out of deep fear that they would say we were going to have children in the next twenty years, we opted to eat and drink. This always wins over possibly being told we are going to have kids. It only took us walking to 27 different restaurants to decide where we should eat (in our defense we weren’t doing much else so reading menus seemed quite entertaining at the time) and landed at The Hideaway.

If I appear orange and have my eyes closed in the picture above it’s most likely because I always appear orange and my eyes are most likely shut. 
And that concluded our day trip to Sedona. All in all it was a great day overall minus my two hour freak out session. From now on, I’m sticking to laying out around pools. 


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