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Dear Erin,

October 1, 2013


Erin Schrader

Some of you may recall a series I had started way back when called Dear Erin,. Others of you may have absolutely no idea what I am talking about because the series has been absent from this blog for well over a year. Whenever I find something that I really enjoy doing, I make sure to stop it almost immediately. It’s like I have this internal thing that says “WHOAAAAA–YOU ENJOY THIS WAY TOO MUCH, BETTER STOP NOW!” It is with great joy that we are bringing this series back today. Thankfully I still had several questions tucked away in my email folder just waiting to be answered. Let’s get down to business…

Dear Erin,
So this guy barfs on me, on a date, in his car. Heat exhaustion, I think is what he told me. He pulls over to chug some pepto at the gas station, and leaves me alone with the mess in his car. You think that’s the worst of it? You’re wrong. He refuses when I suggest calling it a night, assuring me that he is fine and well. When we finally make it to his house, he goes into the bathroom to repeat his capitol offense. I take matters into my own hands and call my sister to come get me. We are both agreed when I tell him my sister is on her way. Minutes later, my sister honks, and we bid farewell. I get into the car, sister shifts into drive, and the car implodes…sort of. It just stops working to say the least. Want a way to spend several hours of your week end awkwardly fixing your dead vehicle? Do it in the driveway of your date who just heaved all over you. 
There is a question involved I promise, and it is this: How do I let barf bag know that while I am less than judging his character by this experience (I mean I pooped my pants one a date once…NOT), I am in no way shape or form interested in a second, first date?”
Not so Pep(to’d).

Dear Not So Pep(to’d),
For starters, may I ask what you did to the man in the first place to give him heat exhaustion in his car? Girl you must be CRAY if you know what I mean. But fist pounds none the less. It’s no wonder he didn’t want to end the date after barfing all over your cute top or lack there of, wink wink wink. As far as your sister’s car goes, well it sounds like she may need to find a man herself. Preferably one who doesn’t puke in cars but rather provides money for cars. It’s not called gold digging, it’s called being able to properly provide relief services for sisters who get dominated by throw up on a first date. He’ll understand I’m sure. Now back to your man at hand. Typically when I am trying to get over a bad bout of the flu, I stay in bed and never come out. This is most likely what you are going to have to do for about eternity to avoid this situation. I hate to deem you “bed ridden” for the rest of forever, but it’s the only logical solution I can come up with. I hope the cause of the “heat exhaustion” was worth it. Excited to meet baby pukie puke in 9 months. 

Dear Erin,
Lately I have been wanting to drink wine. I think it’s a combination of getting to sit outside in the evenings with the cool breeze all around & a mixture of your blog 😉 But whatever it is – I am feeling like those evenings outside will not be complete unless I have a glass of wine to go with it. So miss Erin I need your advice. I need a good {cheap} wine because it has been far too long sense I have drank any.
Wine Me

Dear Wine Me, 
Unfortunately I have no prior experience with drinking wine outside in the evening. 
If I were to guess I would assume that anything that falls into the white, pink, or red category would taste pretty good. If there is one thing I’ve learned in this life it is not to judge anything by the color on the outside. Because of this, I encourage drinking at least one glass of every color that you can find. Some call this drunkenness, I call it anti-discrimination. As far as the cost goes, I am assuming that you could typically find a bottle of wine for around $4-$6? It may go by the name of Barefoot if my memory serves me correctly and they may have a type called “Moscato”? Yes, that. Barefoot Moscato for around $6. I’ve heard good things from “those people” who drink. Lushes. Cheers to equality. 


And there we have it. Today’s problems solved. Have a question you need an answer to? Ask it below or email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com with the subject line “Dear Erin” and I’ll be sure to answer it. Hopefully prior to next year…

**On a totally unrelated note, I updated a few of my sponsor options and have also added in a one hour blogging Q&A session that is now ready to be booked! You can check those options out over here.**


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