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August 14, 2013


Erin Schrader

Ever since the purchase and sale of the lake cottage, I have been in full blown “I must make this room look prettier” mode. Recently we tackled Shawn’s previous office turned guest bedroom, my office, and now I am ready to redo every remaining square inch of our house. It turns out that once I get an idea in my head I can’t let it die, which is exactly why we are starting this project tomorrow. Picture with me if you will…..

All of this…

Turning into this…

Creams, mints, and corals. Just the way life should be. All of those brown walls you see up above will soon be transformed into much (much) lighter colors with pops of coral thrown in randomly. I am hoping to incorporate more “vintage” items compared to the big box store decor items we have currently. Recently we we were at an antique market and I found this gem of a gem. I knew I needed it only because I hugged it upon seeing it. I’m kinda loving how unperfectly perfect it is. 

She is going to be serving as inspiration for the remainder of the home. Who wants to have their house look straight out of the 2000’s when you can have the 1800’s? Exactly.

Our kitchen is currently a nice mix of brown and the green you see up above. 

Soon enough it’ll be looking a little more like….

print found here

Well, not necessarily a bowl of lemons but you get the point. Mints, whites, and pops of yellow. 

As for our bedroom, I don’t want to repaint the entire room as I do like the color we currently have. My idea on this one is to simply change out the curtains/bedding/and some decor items. Allow me if you will. 

The plan is to go from this…

to something more like this. 

pin found here

Last but not least is the guest bath. What currently looks like…

…will soon be covered with. Uhhhh. This is where you come into play. Here are the color combinations I am deciding between. Help a sister out and vote in the comments below. Please and thank you. 

 1. pale yellow walls // navy accents
2. coral walls // pale yellow accents
3. light purple walls // white accents

And this completes my ideas. To be honest this post was just a giant reminder note of what I have decided to go with before I change my mind for the 1400th time. Thank you for allowing me to use you as a sticky note. Before and afters will be making it’s way to a blog near you soon. Stay tuned. 

ps. I know this has nothing to do with home decor but my blog has never been one to stay with one topic for the day. My girl Jacy just published an ebook on blog etiquette for new bloggers and I can tell you it is a must. It is packed full of things I wish I would’ve known as a newbie blogger. To top it all off it is only $2.99 so you really can’t beat it. Get yo’selves a copy like yesterday

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