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Table Dancing Runs In The Family

August 16, 2013


Erin Schrader

We’ve started this tradition in our family where once a month we come together as a family (aunt, grandpa, parents, sister, etc) and eat one huge amazeballs dinner. Tonight happened to be that one night and goodness it did not disappoint. Have y’all ever had Italian chicken? You have not lived if you answer no to that question. 

I’m not positive if that link is the correct recipe but I’ll work on getting the exact one for you, have no fear. 
While the point of these dinners is to eat great food, come together as a family, etc they also serve as one great reminder….why Shawn and I do not have children. While my nieces are the cutest things on the planet (no but seriously), they are absolutely insane. Next time I’m just going to video my husband’s eyeballs the entire time we are in their presence. They get huge and he opens his mouth and says something like “how do these people do it!?!” all while sweating a little bit. I’m pretty sure we could make a reality show out of my family gatherings now that I think about it. Nothing about them is normal and typically involves a lot of clapping and sometimes table dancing while chanting “drop it like it’s hotttttt!” 

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this other than just to announce that I had a really incredible dinner tonight (thanks Auntie R), if I have any say in getting knocked up anytime soon the answer is no, and my family is crazy..and I am crazy about them. Here’s a few other captured shots from tonight’s festivities.

Bodies everywhere. 
And on that note, I’m spent. 
I’ve got about 3,000 calories to go burn off in bed. 
See ya in nine months baby Schrader.  
This is a joke. #virginforlife 
This is so awkward. Bye. 
Today’s featured sponsor is the ever so lovely Lisa from Lisa Lately

You can tell so much about a person and what you can expect from their blog from their about page. Lisa is not one to hold back and is honest and open about what inspired her to start blogging. I adore her ability to overcome life’s obstacles and create a beautiful reality. She is gorgeous inside and out and I 100% believe you can benefit from her space on this big ole internet. Get to know her a little better below and then go pay her a visit!

If you could offer one piece of advice to a new blogger, what would it be?
This is so corny and obvious, but be yourself. Create a blog you want to read yourself. There’s no use trying to be someone else when it comes to blogging, it will be come across as fake. And you’ll most likely lose your passion. Chances are if you find something interesting, others will too. Unless it’s a blog about killing people or something insane…that would be weird and probably illegal?

What does your ideal outfit consist of?
Dresses all the way! With some form of heels, wedges, and a simple pair of earrings. Some people think dresses are too high maintenance, but I’d rather chose just one thing to wear rather than trying to find a top and a bottom that go well together. Far too complicated for my life.

What inspires you? 
There are so many different things that inspire me. Living, health, family, friends, being present in the moment. And always remaining positive.

If you could summarize your blog (or shop) in three words or less, what would you say? 
Beauty-junkie, Foodie, Starbucks-addict

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