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Stitch Fix: The Kept Items

June 3, 2013


Erin Schrader

It dawned on me that it’s been awhile since I have posted some of my recent fixes with Stitch Fix.
You see, I used to be on a “once a month” schedule with them until I realized “why keep it to once a month?”
I now like to think of it as the every ten day plan. I do this because clothes are the most important thing in life and I shouldn’t limit such things to just once a month.

That is somewhat of a joke. Food is also important. Love, family, friends, and puppy dogs fall somewhere in the middle of all that of course. Now because I am a little late on the game, you are not seeing the items that I sent back but have simply kept. If you haven’t been around for any of my other Stitch Fix posts you can check them out here, here, and here. Between this and Love, Yellow you really have no excuse to ever leave your house. Which reminds me–we will be revealing July’s theme for Love, Yellow next Monday. At that time you will also scream out in agony over the cuteness of what we chose for June. Well unless of course you purchased June’s theme–in which case you will celebrate by throwing confetti pieces and blowing birthday blowers because you received the items yourself. Really it’s just going to be an emotional day on the blog next Monday the way things appear. And because you are a woman, I trust that you will like this.

Before we begin with the picture overload of me standing in front of my house in the same exact pose, it should be noted that this is not a sponsored post. However, if you are to sign up for Stitch Fix you should probably use this link to do so, just so that I can please my husband and not actually have to spend real money but rather referral credit on the merchandise you see below. My husband likes to be pleased if you know what I mean.

Ahem. Let’s begin.

1 and 2. Both this coffee bean looking tank and pretty pink pants were sent via Stitch. I’ve just decided I am on a first name basis with Stitch now. I am kinda in major love with the tank just for the fact that it has a built in cami underneath which helps conceal my cleavage region. In high school I would’ve thought this was so lame however, as I get older and much classier (ha), I appreciate these things. The pants are so/so but if there is one thing I have learned in my life it is – NEVER TURN DOWN COLORED DENIM. And for that reason alone I kept em’. Okay that and parts of me have always wanted to be a flamingo staked in somebody’s front yard. I’m well on my way.

3. The next item is this chevron tank that just screams warm weather. Turns out the tank is a liar because it was only 60 degrees when I took these pictures. I paired it with shorts and clearance shoes from Target, because that’s what I pair everything with. Looking back I’m not sure it was the best ensemble choice but whatcha gonna do? Certainly not ask your husband to re-do the picture, that’s what. The necklace also came from good ole Stitchy Stitch. 
 shorts // shoes 
4. Okay whoa baby, Stitch did me well on this one. Favorite item as of yet. And one of the cheapest to boot. It’s not only this awesome green color, it’s ikat patterned (whatever that means), and it has a nautical rope that ties around the waist which could be useful in many life threatening situations. Not only that, but it’s a dress that I can actually wear to work! Hallelujah, such a thing does exist after all! 

5. Last but certainly not least (how over used is that term?) is this amazefest horseshoe blouse. I’ve always had a thing for cowboys and this shirt is just what I needed to get that point across. I mean check out the grommets around the neck AND sleeve area. I’ve died and went to grommet heaven. Oh Stitch, you make me appear way more fashionable than I actually am. And for that reason, I love you long time.

So there we have it. 
Tell me–which is your favorite from up above? Maybe in four years when I do one of those “shop my closets” you can have the pit stained, wine spilled, version of it 😉 

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