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Currently I’m…

April 9, 2013


Erin Schrader

Currently I’m…
Drinking: Diet Dr Pepper, Coffee, and Water. In that order. One sip, rotate. Another sip, rotate. Sip, rotate, sip, rotate. You get the point. Variety is the spice of life.

Wearing: A shirt. With a hole in the side. One of these days I’ll realize that once an item has a hole, tear, or rip..I should probably retire said item. But until then I will wear the heck out of it and have people say “Uhh..there is a hole in that” and act surprised that “oh my gosh–there is a hole!” Except I don’t act surprised at all. I just say “Oh I know. I tried coloring my body with a permanent marker the color of the shirt but it didn’t disguise it well enough.” And that my friends is a true story. Shame. I’m still working on getting some. 
Losing Sleep Over: My speech that I will be giving at Elevate Conference next month. NEXT MONTH. And I haven’t even wrote down the first tiny little tid bit. I’m wondering if I pass out within the first 30 seconds it will give me an excuse to not have to stand up there for 30-45 minutes? Just kidding. I want to stand up there and talk. I think. Or at least I am reciting those words over and over and over and over again. One of these days I’ll believe it! Ps. If you are there, I am speaking barefoot. I have to. It’s just this thing I have where shoes don’t stay on my feet.  I hope this is cool with you as it is mandatory with me.
Refusing To: Pack. I leave Wednesday morning for Arizona. This means I will probably pack Wednesday morning. Why is this one task so excruciating?
Eating: Chips and guac. One would think that I would be sitting here snacking on carrots or whatever you birds eat, but no. I prefer to be an extra 10 pounds in my bathing suit thank you very much.

bowl from world market
Loving: These chips and guac. I mean thank you Jesus for such wonderful creations. Amen?
Excited About: Shipping out the first items for the Love, Yellow orders! Cuteness abounds. 
Thankful For: Love. The romantic kind, the friend kind, the “I really don’t like you but I am going to show you love anyhow” kind. Without it, we have nothing.
Wishing: I was hanging out in the middle of a wine superstore right now. That or sleeping in a hammock. Whichever. 

Admiring: This Quote. 

Cheers to being authentic. 
Saying Good-Bye To: This blog post. Peace out. 
Today’s featured sponsor is Stephanie from Shades of Color Art Blog

Could you not just eat up that cuteness? Stephanie is the mastermind behind her home decor, art, anything and everything blog AND her shop where she creates beautiful notebooks (read her story on how she started here). Thankfully I have one of her beautiful creations… 

Stephanie is from Puerto Rico but recently moved to Washington DC to start her “big girl life”. She is a little burst of spunk, positivity, and is officially the first “cat” person who I like. Okay that’s a lie, I like other cat people. Not to mention the girl has some great style. Follow along and take this journey with Steph as she discovers all that is ahead of her (all good things being sent your way lady). 

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