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That Time I Took WAY Too Many Pictures On Vacation

March 21, 2013


Erin Schrader

It’s the golden rule of all vacations–take at least 500 pictures.
I don’t care if the vacation is two weeks or two days, 500 seems to be the bare minimum I can manage to squeak by with. This is especially fun not just for me, but every person involved who gets to hear 
“Hey wait– just one more picture!” Between the luggage being 16 pounds over weight (adios $50)  and having his picture taken 5 times 45, I’m lucky I didn’t come home to divorce papers. And to that I say–cheese!! (seemed more fitting than cheers). Because I have oh so much to show you, I figured I should break this up into two days worth. And I should probably shut up and just let the pictures do the talking for now. Ready, set, enjoy. 

ps. editing pictures blows. carry on now. 

Day one was spent frolicking all around town to get “acclimated” so to speak. The only reason for the acclimation was because it was slightly cool to be frolicking around in string bikinis and speedos. We went pretty much anywhere there was to go (which may have resulted in me falling asleep by 8:30 or something awesome like that..) Oh hey–if you are in Sarasota, stop by the Ringling Museum. It’s pretty neat really (coming from a girl who could really care less about museums, that’s saying a lot). The grounds were beauty to the full. 

That night we did what any smart person would do–eat. Gosh I love eating. It happened to be my dad’s birthday so celebrate we did. The night ended over coffee and conversation about death. What? You don’t celebrate birthdays by talking about such morbid subjects?

The following day my parents thought it would be fun for them to ride 40 miles on a bike. I thought it would be more fun to lay on the beach and drink margaritas. Apparently I’m the only one with brains in the family.

 our friend Andres was playing at a local restaurant–check his music out here 

 That night we decided to go ride turtles.

And that sums up the first two days. 

Holy balls that was a lot of pictures. Sorry if you are offended by the amount of pictures or the term holy balls. I’ve come to terms that both are just apart of me. Make sure to come back tomorrow for the remaining 428 pictures. It will be fun. Promise. 

In other news, I ate the most wonderful macaroni and cheese tonight. I just thought you should know. 

Love you, you, you, and you too. 

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