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I Promise I’m Done Talking About Vacation. After This Post.

March 22, 2013


Erin Schrader

You know when you first wake up in the morning and your eyes are ultra sensitive to any type of light?
Like so sensitive that when they see anything you immediately have to squint, throw your hand up to your forehead and put in the shape of a bill on a hat, all while moaning “ugggggh….I DONT WANT TO WAKE UP!” among other sayings that you really don’t mean like “STUPID LIGHT..I HATE YOU!” 
Well, that’s me right now. 6 am and blogging. We do not go together. It’s all my massage appointment and march madnesses fault on why I didn’t write this baby last night. I’ve got $10 on my brackets people. I can’t just not watch. Now that I mention it, another large reason why I actually woke up early to do this this morning is because I think I remember saying on Twitter last night that it would be $100 if I didn’t. Not that anybody took me up on the offer, but I kinda feel like I just won myself $100. Maybe 6 am blogging and I do get along?
See. This is now making no sense. I just reread the last paragraph like 3 times to convince myself it sounds okay, I am yet to be convinced. However a bath is calling my name and you all know the equation around here… bath > blogging. 
But alas! The final nine hundred and seventy two pictures from my short little vacation to show you. Act as if I am narrating along as you scroll. Oh I know. To get this party poppin’, enjoy the following tune while you scroll. And then after you are done with this song, head over to Whitney’s blog to listen to all of the other tunes for #backthatazzup Friday. It’s bound to be a dance party up in your chair. 
note to readers: if you hate rap, maybe don’t click on the above song. however, if the top row of your teeth are diamonds, and the bottom row is gold–enjoy. this song is made especially for you. 
 friends we didn’t really make but rather just said “heeeeeey—take a picture!!”
I am cool with these types of friends
last final day..insert mass amounts of depression

The end. 

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