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Outfit Inspirations..If You Need Inspiring.

February 4, 2013


Erin Schrader

Life motto number 2172: When all else fails, talk about clothing.
I thought it’d be fun to do a little “favorite outfit recap” of sorts during my time of blogging.
Not that I think I am a fashionable, I just happen to take pictures of myself in clothes regularly. 
It’s really a nice break from my other job that has me taking pictures..well you know what I mean. 

That was a joke. 
You of course can now Google “living in yellow naked” however, all you will find is a recipe for brownies
Which is exactly why I don’t pose nude…because I am too busy eating brownies. 
Anyhow, back to my favorite outfits over the past two years of blogging.
First up we have these ensembles. 
I’d like to refer to them as “lady in red”. 
Obviously very elegant and show stopper-esq if you will….
Next up is a beautiful smattering of some particularly proud wardrobe pieces. We have my infamous sweater with built in air vents (that I may or may not still wear), a nice pair of my husbands Nike kicks, and of course…the reversible (well semi reversible) sunglasses. 
Last but not least, my classic “go to” choices. Snuggies, Swishy shorts straight from my mom’s closet, and again..my husbands shoes. All of which leave a nice level of room for growth. 
And because of those previously mentioned brownies, I encourage room for growth. 

I would include links here but then you would all know my fashion shopping secrets. only one of us can look this good.

So there you have it. The best of the best..the cream of the crop. My favorite outfits over the past two years. If any company would now like to send me items to wear, I will gladly accept.
Especially if it involves mens footwear, some type of pajama (preferably with feet already built in), 
or swishy shorts that pair well with socks and heels. Yes, especially the swishy shorts.
I’m thinking 2013 is the year for the return of all things sweatsuit related. 
Also, don’t be shy about pinning the above outfit inspirations. 
I have a feeling these may go viral.

ps. Now would probably be a fitting time to admit that I took the plunge and signed up with StitchFix yesterday.I mean not that I need a personal stylist or anything, but I may be in need of a personal stylist. Although I do rock that Snuggie pretty well now that I look at it. #putabeltonit


Speaking of looking good…that leads me in to today’s featured sponsor. We have Bonnie from The Beach Money CEO. Bonnie is a consultant for Rodan and Fields which has a variety of beautifying products.

I am personally most excited about the sunless tanning foam (home girl over here prefers to not have her skin match the snow) and the UNBLEMISH Regimen. The exciting thing about Rodan and Fields is that the owners of the company are the doctors behind the infamous Proactiv Solutions, meaning they know a thing or two about how to make that skin of yours look good.

Bonnie is passionate about helping others reach their financial goals while being able to work from home.
I find her goals/tips/tricks on how to stay motivated and successful in our own ventures so refreshing.
If you are in need of a new skin care program, a sunless tanner, or are unhappy with how your current make-up looks, allow Bonnie to assist you. She will do a great job I am sure.


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