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A Whole Lotta Love

February 3, 2013


Erin Schrader

As you know Valentines Day is right around the corner.
I should rephrase that.
If you are a woman, you are aware that Valentines Day is right around the corner.
In honor of that day of love, little miss Lauren (who is pretty much the cheese to my noodle) and I have decided to ask you some fun little love questions. Actually Lauren thought of this idea and invited me in on it. The girl gets all the credit. I am pretty sure she was inspired after reading Bill and Giuliana’s book “I Do, Now What?” So really now that I mention it, Bill and Giuliana put this post together. 
Anyhow…all we would like you to do is answer the following questions and on Wednesday, February 13th Lauren and I will have all of your answers posted on our respective blogs. I should mention that yes, your answers will be linked up to your blog. I am not sure if I am telling you this from a “Ooooh yaaaaay” standpoint or a “just know what you write will be traced back to your name..” standpoint. wink wink. 
Here are those questions:

1.  What is your best piece of relationship advice?
2.  What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about love?
3.  What is your favorite way to show someone you love them?

I don’t know about you guys but reading other people’s tid bits on love/relationship advice is kinda fun.
I think I have come up with my biggest lesson learned on love already.
Smart phones do not bring spouses closer together. 

Get answering and make sure to check back on the 13th so you can become fully aware of how (or how not) to shower your significant other with love. It’ll be fun. Promise. 
Speaking of showering your significant other with love, it’s probably time you start dropping hints to your man about what you would like for Valentines Day. Luckily, I have just the ticket. 
I am not sure if you have all seen The Dedication Company before but it is hands down one of my favorite Etsy shops around. The Dedication Company is FULL of personalized adorable “I need you now” type pieces. I currently have my eye on this anchor locket or heck, I’d gladly accept this personalized message locket (looking at you Shawn). You know what…really anything will do now that I mention it. 
Aside from her shop, Rebecca writes a beautiful blog over here and shares with us things such as….
If you did not just gasp and say “Oh my woooord I am making that tonight” we probably shouldn’t be friends. Regardless, I highly encourage you to check out both The Dedication Company and Rebecca’s blog asap. And hey, while you are there..please feel free to take advantage of 10% off your order using the code YELLOW. If you need me to email your husband that code, just ask. I’m more than willing. 


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