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January 22, 2013


Erin Schrader

Linking up today with the ever so hilarious Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants for “Facts of Me”.
Consider doing the same so I can get to know all of your little factoids 
(here’s a fact for you: I think the word factoids is a lot cuter than facts).
Here we go peeps..here we go:

-My morning alarm is the sound of a motorcycle engine. I think it is the most relaxing sound to wake up to. Not even kidding.

-I don’t spend time thinking about big decisions (ie: buying homes/cars, switching jobs, etc). I just make em’ and hope for the best.

-I hardly ever throw my gum away. Instead I sit it on something (coffee table books, cups, inside drinks, desk, etc). Terrible trait, but true.  I just always think “but what if I want it later…”. 
Don’t worry. I have never wanted it later.

I listen to my music really (really) loud. If I can hear the other person talking in the car, it’s not loud enough. My husband just adores this about me 😉

-It takes me roughly 20 minutes to do my make-up and hair, no matter the event. 

-I answer around 75-100 telephone calls a day. So yes, a lot of times I do prefer texting over calling in the evenings. Can you blame a sister?

-I hardly ever (basically never) respond to emails from my phone. It’s like I have something inside my body that thinks it MUST be sitting behind a computer before I can hit “reply”.

The only time my car is clean is right after it gets detailed. Which reminds me..I’m about due for that.

My favorite place within the USA is my bed. Literally, I am in love with that thing. I just wish I spent more time in there.

-I have not washed my face more times than I have before bed in 2013. Oops.

-I have to eat something everyday right around 10 am. Literally, have to. I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t but I don’t want to find out. Why? Because I like eating.

-I always let my hair get to that “it desperately needs done” stage before actually getting it done, yet I won’t go a month without getting a massage. Priorities people. I may not look good on the outside but at least I feel good on the inside. Was that as awkward to read as it was to write?
a brush can hardly find it’s way through at this point

-I love being home alone. Along with that I love reenacting lines from Home Alone when I am home alone. Say for instance when I am eating ice cream and I yell “I’M EATING JUNK AND WATCHING RUBBISH…YOU BETTER COME OUT AND STOP ME!!!” I do that. I totally yell those things. 
Try it, it’s invigorating.

I am a future thinker and believe wholeheartedly in the motto “never say never”.

-I do not get truly excited for a vacation until the plane touches down at my destination. Flying sucks you know what.
 okay I guess it doesn’t always suck

Annnnd we have reached our ending point.
It’s probably pathetic that I could go on for another 40 bullet points.
If I did, you would most likely want to put 40 bullet points through me. 
I’ll save us both the hassle. 
Speaking of link-ups–remember to come back tomorrow and join in the fun with Gay and I on 
“If I were a boy..” link-up.
It’s time to break out the testosterone in these parts. 
Today’s featured sponsor is Sylvie from Sweet Pea Sylvie

All I would really have to say is read this post right here and you will know why you should be following along on Sylvie’s blog. Just a real girl keepin’ it real. Does it get much better than that? You’re right. It kinda helps that she is absolutely gorgeous and has the most precious blue eyed babe in town. Sylvie’s blog is a beautiful display of her life lived out. Her pictures alone capture me in. Her words keep me around. Sylvie’s space on the Internet is one that I don’t quickly leave..it’s one of those places I just linger at, because it just has this feel good aura to it, you know what I mean? She also hosts a weekly blog hop (Wednesdays) that is a fantastic way to get to know other people in this big ole’ space quickly and easily.

Make sure you go visit Sylvie and say hello. Gosh I love her blog. The end.

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