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A Few Thoughts On Perspective.

October 9, 2012


Erin Schrader

Just wanted to share some thoughts tonight before I head off to bed.
All things that have been stirring in me lately….
I’ve been struggling with that lately.
I have been turning really good things (blessings) into anxieties recently.
I tell myself I am too busy for this, that, and the other.
Let’s take this week for instance….I have SO much good about to happen {thank you Jesus} and I found myself saying to my husband this morning “can this week just be over already?!”
It’s funny sometimes.
The minute something comes out of your mouth your stomach starts churning and you know you have it ALL wrong.
Why am I not soaking up these moments?
Thanking God for the busyness, the blessings, the opportunities?
I remember several weeks ago I was in the process of picking out paint colors (a seemingly “enjoyable” task…or what should be) and I was having panic attack after panic attack for those few days. I know I don’t mention anxiety too much on this blog but it is a much bigger part of my life than I lead on. For more insight on that, read this.
I think I say in there how I’ve overcome it…or have for the most part.
That’d be what you call, a lie.
I struggle.
Blogs are such a glimpse to somebodies life.
Only open as the person behind it and I am realizing this more and more as I continue.
I love that one persons struggles can be anothers biggest blessings and that we are all so different.
I pray that I will be vulnerable in this community.
Tonight I had bible study….I couldn’t tell you how bad I was dreading it.
It was “just one more thing taking up my time…”
You know what I love?
When the events you dread the most end up being the ones you enjoy the most.
I drove away thanking Jesus over and over I was there tonight.
My spirit feels so refreshed, renewed, and full of joy.
I’ve been SO behind recently with blogging.
My passion has been sitting on the sideline.
I’ve found myself asking “why?! why am I even doing this?!”
And then I remember this coming weekend.
I can not properly tell you HOW excited I am to go to The Influence Conference.
I get to spend four days with 200+ women that I would’ve NEVER met if it wasn’t for this blog.
I get to sit and talk face to face with like minded women, learn from role models, have coffee dates with new friends, laugh, share, and grow together.
My heart feels so full just thinking about it.
I can’t wait to come back with a clearer vision.
For me.
My relationships.
This blog.
It’s going to be good.
Now if you will excuse me, I am off to bed…giant smile and all.
Life is good.
Love you all….so much more than you’ll ever know.
Cheers to good vibes friends.


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