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We Meet Again.

September 3, 2012


Erin Schrader

necklace: Cheerfully Charmed/wrap bracelet: Cents of Style
there is no corralation between this photo and this post.
well besides to show you how I awkwardly grab my hair when my picture is being taken.
and to say “Hi”.


It’s starting to settle in again.
Three day weekends are such a tease for retirement.
Have I ever mentioned how ready I am to retire?
I mean shoot. I’m pushing at least 10 solid years in the work field.
I sometimes think it would be worth it to have children so I could “retire” but then I remember that would actually be switching over to “overtime” and well yeah..overtime and I don’t fare well either.
On the bright side I just remembered I have a getaway coming up in like ooooh…two days.
On a totally unrelated note, can I just say that when it comes to blogging sometimes you’ve got it and well..sometimes you don’t. I am in the latter category as of late. To be honest with you, it annoys the heck out of me. I swear every ounce of creativity has up and left the building. If any of you have some genius idea of a topic you’d like me to write about, now would be the time to share.
The only thing keeping me going as we speak is Nelly on Pandora Radio.
There is just something about Air Force Ones that keep my fingers rollin’.
Oh hey I know! Weekend Recap. That seems to be a topic I could talk about being that we are just coming off of a weekend and all. Here are a few pictures to let you know what took place..
since I am sure you are just dying to know. It’s okay to shout at your computer about how you could care less right now, I completely understand.
First up was the Kegs and Eggs party that started around 8 am Saturday morning.
I must say–this was the first time I ever drank straight out of a champagne bottle at 8 am.
In sweatpants none the less. But for Notre Dame football, it is necessary.

From there it was dinner with friends which somehow resulted in posing with naked statues eating fake grapes. Typical.


Annnnnd last but not least, on good ole Labor Day we attended a festival with the brother/sister-in-law. My “I am eating twenty three pounds of sugar today” nephew and his “Get me away from my Uncle Shawn” niece came along as well. I kinda love those two animals.

…and because the cup told me to…
I did.
Welp, it’s time to hightail it outta here and partake in my favorite activity….
Margarita & Mac and Cheese time.
Cheers to a good week ya crazy cats.


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