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September 1, 2012


Erin Schrader

just celebrating. don’t worry about it.
Just stopping in for a minute for a few sweet surprises.
First one–if your name is Amanda and you blog over at Tales From A Far, well guess what–
you are going to be hanging out on my sidebar this month compliments of your husband.
Yes, you heard right. He went right behind that back of yours and contacted me about how he could get your blog on my blog (such a sweetheart). So yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for surprises.
Go hug him right now. Anything happens beyond a hug is your call 😉
Second–if your name is Allison, you won yourself $50 bucks to Swimspot. You are going to look hot in whatever it is you choose, I just know it.
And thiiiiird-if your name is Chelsea, you my friend just won the HUGE August group giveaway.
I think that just means you won twenty-seven freakin’ things. Uhh. Happy Saturday to you too.
I will be emailing you two lucky animals later on.
Now…I am off to go catch some sleep so I can wake up EARLIER than what I do for work to tailgate tomorrow. Yes. “Kegs and Eggs” at 7 am sharp. The season is upon us kids. Go Irish.
It should be noted that both pictures featured in todays post are circa 2010.
It’s weird.
I look like two years younger or something.
One final surprise.
Remember that onesie that I purchased for sir Edward Duke Rancic?
Turn’s out that onesie made it’s first E News! appearance this week.
Watch this to see what I am talking about.
Or just look at this screen shot.

Now if only I could meet my little nephew, the world would be complete.
Duke, I love you already and I promise to be the best Aunt possible.
Don’t listen to what my other nieces and nephews say…I really am cool.

Well, there you have it—happy three day weekend loves.
Go do something fun….
Like wake up at 6 am for a football game or something.


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