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Blogging Vs Bathing

August 29, 2012


Erin Schrader

Do you ever have those times where you take your hands and you start doing that whole scale thing?
Like you lift one arm/hand up and say “blog” and then you raise your other arm/hand up and say “bath”? And then you quickly realize that you just raised the hand that said “bath” MUCH higher than the one that said blog? Well yeah, that just happened.

So guess what?

Bath it is.

See you suckers.

say “hi bubbles, i love you”.
Hi bubbles I love you.

But hey–real quick before you go, don’t go.
I’m not sure if that made any sense at all but you know what, I don’t care.
I am about to take a bath.

Here is the deal–I have a special somebody who is talking with you today.
She happens to be one of THE most natural beauties there is.
I hate natural people.
Okay so I don’t actually hate her but I hate her face.
And you know what, I don’t even hate her face.

I should really stop blogging.

Joe-Lynn, take it away sweet pea.


Hey All!

My name is Joe-Lynn but I write it out without the hyphen Joelynn which some people are curious if it’s still really me or someone else but its still me! And I don’t even know why I started writing it without the hyphen but I continue to. However, no one and I mean no one really other than strangers, or appointments call me by my actual name. Ever since Elementary or even before I have been called joe that’s been my signature nickname and it still sticks with me til this day now that I am twenty-four. Either it’s joe-joe, jojo, joe, kjo and it’s not just from my family who we have short nicknames for all our names but even at work I get called by a nick name. So that’s me a little bit or my name really, the background story. So this is me below. =)

The blog, which was started because of a direction I had wanted to go but of course it hasn’t happened that way because I like to wonder into different things. I like to try new things, which you can probably tell I have a mix of things on my blog. And yeah, maybe I could pick a direction but I am almost 99.9% sure I am may not stay on that and I like variety and I bet you guys do too right?! So down below is a couple of variety posts I have written. Oh and by the way I think the one titled this kind of love. / our kind of love is my all time favorite post I have written on my blog, well at least I know when I wrote that I was told there was tears in someones eyes. It must be good, right? Well you guys can be the lovely judge of that!

# 06.11.2012 this kind of love. / our kind of love. (favorite, favorite, favorite personal post I have done on here recently! letter to future husband)
# 06.25.2012 you stole my attention from the sky (favorite outfit post look)
# 07.25.2012 Strawberry Twist (a few Carnival photos)
# 08.01.2012 Q&A / more about me. (if you want to know about me click here!)

I am not a blogger with a husband, boyfriend, or engaged to anyone, which a lot of blogs I read are and/or have the most adorable kids eveeer! I thought I would just get that out because I know a lot of people are probably curious about that aspect of the blogger. Okay or perhaps maybe it’s just me because I am a sucker for a love story on how someone meet, got engaged, married.. just the whole round complete love story, sh-bang. That is one part of me I have always been intensely interested in when I know there is something like that. Hopefully, eventually, someday soon that will be me but as for now I can enjoy it through the regular blogs I view who do have that and their wonderful stories and photos.

Thanks for catching this connecting flight to reach over to my blog, it means a lot!

– – So come on baaby let the good times rooooll!
Have a lovely day!

p.s. – Thanks Erin for this opportunity! This girl rocks doesn’t she?!!! 😀

Signed, Joe

I am going to play some Kci and JoJo now during my bath I think.
Just to honor her cuteness.
And to drown my sorrows over the fact that “All My Life” used to be me and my punkier than punk boyfriends song in 8th grade. It’s true guys. I lined my zip up hoodie with safety pins for that man.
Oh the things we do for love….
Have fun over at Bright Lights. I’ll be seein’ you pretty thangs tomorrow.


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