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When You’re Bored In Bed….

July 24, 2012


Erin Schrader

You bust out your “midnight blogging idea” journal and draw pictures of Emily and Jef. Happily in love. While your husband is sound asleep and you are lying there in the pitch black
{hence Emily’s face not being connected to her head…}

Well at least that’s what I do. My husband thought the whole thing was “a bit odd” when I showed him my masterpiece this morning. I only found it proper to pay tribute to the best couple in the history of the bachelor/bachelorette. Oh crap. I just noticed I forgot little Ricky Bobby.

Speaking of—I tried convincing Shawn last night that we should change Maggie {our dog}’s name to Little Ricky. I personally think Ricky has much more flare than boring ole Maggie
{compare Mariah to Erin…same thing}
Plus that way Jef and Emily can be a part of our lives, forever and ever.
Again, Shawn found this a little odd.
I only find it logical.


Moving forward—so this week is pretty dang exciting on the exciting Richter scale.
For starters our local 4H Fair is going on (you know you are a hillbilly when….)
This means two things: Country Concerts and Spiral spuds.

Gosh I love those suckers.

Last night was Thompson Square and tonight is Josh Turner.

Two artists that I only know a couple songs of, meaning the remainder of the time I will be mouthing along to my own lyrics. Act like you don’t do it either….

And on top of all this fair goodness, my bestie from Nashville is home for the entiiiiiire week.

{that would be the one on the left. the one on the right seems to never leave. thankfully ;)..}

Which means that my blogging and/or social {media} skills may suck.
Go ahead and sue me.
Actually don’t—if you do I will most likely have to return the dress of all dresses that I just bought from Miss Chic.

Do you not just die?

Oh hey—speaking of Miss Chic, it appears that I have a deal to share with you all today.
You remember this ring I’ve showed you before right?

Well today you can purchase the same one
(or a different color…but that would be dumb. Clearly mine is the coolest…)
and get it for a steal of a deal.
I am a walking infomercial…
Just enter code BLINGRING25 for 25% off.

Exciting right?
Get yours now.

And just because it’s my blog and I don’t feel “blogger appropriate” without sharing any weekend photos, here you have it—

{tank//jeans: Old Navy//Sandals: Target}
 {this would be my nephew. aka batman. I’m related to some big names, just sayin….}

ps. The winner of the JAVOedge giveaway is Sarah. Congrats pretty lady– I will be emailing you as soon as I stop living up the best moments of my life.

pps. I woke up at 5:45 am this morning to do this post. And I am hungry. If this post makes no sense. Now you know why. And you also know why I am about to make a box of mac and cheese with diet pepsi…at 6:30 am.

ppps. It just started storming. Meaning I am really off to crawl back in bed for at least 5 minutes and then complain the whole time that I am in the shower about how work places don’t let you call off for rainy days. Some things I’ll just never understand…..

Have a good one little bits.

Cheers to elephant ears, corn dogs, and the smell of horse crap.


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