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July 10, 2012


Erin Schrader

A- Anne. The name that I get called daily at my job. I answer phones for living so it goes a little something like this “Hi this is Erin how can I help you?” “Yes, Anne…I have a question”.

{me. on the job. answerin’ phones like a boss}

Apparently they didn’t get the memo that I actually like to go by Mariah. Or Jasmine. You know, from Aladdin. True story–I used to not respond to people unless they called Mariah. That was pre-Nick Cannon days and more in the days when my dad referred to her as Diarrhea.

B- Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-up. Also known as the last thing I ate. Also known as the manliest thing a woman can put in her stomach. Consider it put.

C- Cow. Which is exactly what I plan on dressing up as on Friday for Cow Appreciation Day.
I will do anything for a free meal at Chick-fil-A. Anything.
D- Deodorant. Which happens to be on every single item of clothing I own. Seriously people, I am a mess 24/7. Please come live with me for a day to realize this. Please?
E- Erin and Eggs. I hate eggs. I don’t hate my name. I mean it’s no Mariah or Jasmine though.
F- Fishing Boat. My new favorite place to hang.
G- Grace. Something that has been shown to me time and time again.
{print in my office from Naptime Diaries}
H- Hyper. What I get, quite frequently which usually results in weird dancing and lots of loud shouting. My husband LOVES when I get hyper.
I- Ipod. The one item that will make me go deaf by the time I am 29. I am almost positive of this.
J- Jitters. Something I experience quite frequently. Usually after drinking more than one cup of coffee or right before I need to eat more Jolly Ranchers.
K- Kip Moore. The only CD I listen to right now. I can’t say the word love enough when talking about him. Or his music. #lovelovelove. Told you, not enough.
L- Lips. Which produce the most foolish kissy faces. And even more foolish pictures.
M-Manicure. Something I plan on doing Wednesday night with my Martini Night. Watch out nails, you are about to be lookin’ flllllly.
N- Nuts. I love them all. Especially cashews and salted peanuts. And those other kind of nuts. Yeah, those.
O- Ostracized. Which is exactly what I am about to be by my husband if I don’t get my butt out in the yard to mow.
P-Pressure. Something I have been putting on myself recently when it comes to blogging. It’s almost as if it just dawned on me that people actually read this thing. And that they may just expect something when they show up. I hate expectations. 
Q- Quiet. I crave quiet times. Moments alone just to lose myself in my thoughts. I need more of these times. A lot more now that I think about it.
R-Regrets. I have plenty. Most of which will never be blogged about.
S- Shawn. Sexy. They go hand in hand. Especially when he pretends to read out of magazines about travel and wine. Yumm.
T- Travel. The one thing that I will save money for even if I am as broke as a joke.
U- Ugly. Which is the exact opposite of you, you, and you. Buhleedat. {translation: “believe that” for you less ghetto readers}.
V-Virgin. For life. Not. Thank you Jesus.
W- Wino. For life. And this is not a joke.
X- Xylophones?!?!
Y- Yellow. I live in it, duh. Especially my legs. They love living in yellow.
Z-Zeeee End.


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