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Ten Confessions.

April 3, 2012


Erin Schrader

I think it’s time to get some things off my chest.
And I’m not just talking about my bra, however that is the most freeing feeling in the world is it not?

These are just little odds and ends that I find necessary to share with you all.
Some I am not so proud of, some I am incredibly proud of, and most of them are useless.

1.   Yesterday I ate a Weight Watchers frozen thing for lunch. Upon driving back to work, I realized that this was not nearly enough food, so I made a pit stop at Taco Bell. The nastiest place known to mankind. But dang, those nachos and cheese were amazing. Best 89 cents you can spend yo.

2.   Speaking of food, we have eaten asparagus like 5 out of the past 7 nights. You can imagine how glorious my peeing experiences have been.

3.  I taught my 2 yr old niece how to say “Shake your money maker” the other night. Praying her mom and dad don’t find out it was me.

4.   My soul is longing to own this card.

5.   I got an email at work yesterday that in a few weeks our blood is being drawn for our annual health exam. I started crying. True story.

6.   I had a photo session with my neighbors dog the other evening. Without their permission. In their yard. The dog didn’t like it. It’s questionable on what my neighbors think of me now.

7.   I started to walk out my house the other evening with no pants on to go running. Again. It is questionable what my neighbors think of me.

8.   Deviled Eggs make me want vomit. Legit. I am gagging as I type. I think it’s the devils way of taking a little bit of joy out of my Easter season.

9.   I lost in my stinkin’ work bracket. Dang you Kansas. Here I thought I was all baller status but no. I am just your typical loser. Frick.

10. I sit in the fetal position at work 99.73% of the time. Now I know why babies like staying in their mom’s stomach so long.

11. I lied. I have 11 confessions. I have yet to buy a new pair of sunglasses. And they have looked like this for almost a year.

What do you need to confess?
Get it off your chest ladies.

I have one last confession….I love working with sponsors.
Truly, it is an honor.
Especially when they are cool.
Like these two.
Check em’.
Hello! I’m Michelle and I’m the Momma behind – The Momma Bird.

I write about life, blogging & designing blogs.
I know. I’m totally different from all those other blogs.
florida vacation
This is me & my Luke master on the boat this past week.
I’m hanging out in the states for a few months – gallevanting around with family.
It’s a rough life I tell you.
florida vacation
I’m a Wife, Mother, Blogger & Designer.
Oh and I’m currently cooking baby #3.
My life just wasn’t busy enough as it was.
Anyway, if you’d like a little blog make over, I’m happy to help. Shoot, I’ll even give you 20% off because I’m pretty sure Erin is the coolest chick in blogging land.
And we’re almost like “real” friends because I’m “real” friends with multiple people she’s “real” friends with.
AND….I went to college with her sister.
So pretty much we know each other really well.
20% off code: ERINROCKS
See you soon over here.

Hey Living In Yellow readers.
I’m Natalie Larson from Urban Anthropology – my little blog I started on a whim just over a year ago. I am a follower of Christ, married to a perfect-for-me man (who I think is just perfect period but that’s not really fair…), a fashion blogger, gluten-free baker, future mamma,
and a stay at home comedian.

Tomorrow I will be doing a double giveaway on my blog, so pop on over for a visit 🙂
The first giveaway will be a bundle of handmade cards. To view the selection and enter the giveaway, please 1) visit my blog, 2) become a follower of my blog, 3) see blog for further instructions. ☺

Also, I am giving away FREE AD SPACE for the month of April.
The winner will receive a free 200×200 feature ad position on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Blog // Pinterest // Bloglovin
Oh I almost forgot, I have a giveaway winner to announce.
If your name is Kate you just won yourself a complete new blog design courtesy of Cherry On The Top Blog Shoppe.
You should be peeing your pants right now.

In fact, I am about to pee my pants for you.
Gotta run.
Asparagus, I will be smelling you soon.

Seriously though….
Go visit Michelle here and Natalie here.

Happy Wednesday Lovers.

Psssssst. One last thing. Thanks for all of the love on my new office. I wish I could have every single one of you over so we could sit on the floor together and smile up at the walls. It’s really quite an enjoyable way to spend an hour of your time. I would know.

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