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So Fresh & So Clean

April 21, 2012


Erin Schrader

I am one of those girls who develops a new obsession every other day.
I see no harm in it.
What fun is life if you can’t constantly say “Oh my gosh…Love.” Or “Totally obsessed” or “I die”.
Yes, those three statements come out of my mouth more than “I think I want to eat mac & cheese.”
Shocking I know. I also just realized I made myself sound like a total flake with those three statements.
Just keepin’ it real though.

One of my latest obsessions has been mint green.
Okay, so everybody and their mom’s obsession has been mint green.
Pay a visit to Pinterest for one minute if you don’t believe me.
I am totally buying into the trend, because lets face it–what is cuter than mint green?
You are right, my husbands butt.
But aside from that, nothing really.
Okay and my dogs face.

But really–nothing else is cuter.
{brain, please stop thinking of other cute things…just stop. this post is going to be way too long if you don’t.}

Now all I can think of is that darn Chimpanzee movie preview.
What was I talking about?
Oh, right. Mint green.
Well, my closet was begging me to fill it with something mint.
I had to oblige.
Word to the wise: Never tick off your closet.
I haven’t ever actually done so, but I can imagine the consequences.

So what did I choose to fill that little closet of mine’s request?
This baby.

Needless to say, my closet {and arm} have never been happier.
Or fresher.

When I get something I love, I am 100% convinced that you need the same item.
This may be lame because then everybody matches me, but secretly I have always wanted a twin.
To make my Twin dreams come true, I will tell you where I got it from.

Secret spilled.

And now that you know where you can buy yourself one, I figured it would only be appropriate to give you a discount to do so with. Lets go with LIVINGINYELLOW for 10% off your order. That sounds like a fun idea doesn’t it?

And now that I gave you a discount, it would only be politically correct if I offered you the chance to win $25 in shop credit to Kintage.

So let’s do this thang shall we?
Like Kintage on Facebook

Additional Entries:
Follow Kintage on Twitter
Leave a comment with what item you would buy from Kintage.com
Follow Living In Yellow
Share this giveaway via Twitter//Facebook//Blog

..If my math skills are proving to be true, that would be 5 total entries you can have.

Winner will be selected and announced on Friday, April 27th.

Oh and hey–pick up these for me while you are shopping if you don’t mind 😉

Now go have yourself a fabulous little weekend.


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