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Dear Baby Blog,

March 1, 2012


Erin Schrader

Oh teeny weeny cute itty bitty blog.
I have so much to say to you.
You see, I see all of these other mothers in blog land write romantic sweet little letters to their babies.
And well blog, you are my baby.
And I adore you.
So blog, I hope one day when you are old and wrinkly, you will look back at these words and realize the love I had for you growing up.

Sweet little blog,
I promise to nurture you with words regularly.
Probably too regularly.
Beloved blog, words are important to you.
They are what make you, you.
I promise that I will fill you up with words of all sorts-funny, serious, creative, and even made up words.
The only thing I will not fill you up with is cuss words and negative words.
Those are ugly, and remember—you are a beautiful creature.

Speaking of being a beautiful creature–
You deserve to look and feel pretty.
I will do my best to grace your beautiful body with pictures of these sorts—

And not pictures of this sort–
But just like any parent, I will fail some time or another.
I hope you accept my apology in advance.
Blog, sometimes you have a mind of your own.
And you want to say some feisty little things.
I love this about you.
However, your daddy doesn’t.
And he holds you back on occasion.
Sometimes I am a little protective over you and I want to bash your fathers face in when this happens.
But blog, I love him dearly.
So just realize, you can be feisty.
But not super feisty.
Bummer, I know.
This brings me to my next point.
Blog, I will fight for you.
If somebody ever knocks you down—I’ve got your back.
And believe me, a mother’s fury is not a force to be reckoned with.
So as your mother, I will fight for you if a mean word is ever said about you.
And by fight, I mean sit in the closet and cry.
Blog, you are time consuming.
And as much as I adore spending time with you,
Sometimes momma has to have her “me” time.
So yes-baths, shopping, massages, and cuddle time with daddy will win over spending time with you.
Sorry baby.
You are cute, but you aren’t that cute.
I pray over you blog.
And I take you seriously.
I never realized the influence you would have on others.
Blog—remember this this one thing:
You have the power to make an impact on the Internet.
Treat this with respect and be aware of your influence.
Be nice to others.
Its these “others” that make you so fun and meaningful.
Last but not least sweet little ball of blogginess-
Remain true to yourself.
Other blogs will try to lure you into their writing style.
You will be tempted to change who you are.
Don’t give in.
You are special and unique.
Be you-make friends-and just keep doin’ your thang.
You make mommy proud.
I love you to the moon and back,
PS. Next time, don’t make your momma so darn teary eyed when writing love notes to you.
She is an emotional one.
Or at the very least, a very hormonal one.  

…Have a letter to your dear baby blog?
Link up below and let the world read it 🙂
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