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I Don’t Mean To Brag But….

March 4, 2012


Erin Schrader

My sister has some mad talent kids.
Like, she can do everything that I can’t.
Which is a lot.
Like she not only spends hours and hours looking at Pinterest,
she legit brings those ideas to real life.
I personally find more satisfaction is just wasting several hours of my time and never using those darn pins.
But hey, as they say—to each it’s own right?
Anyhow, before I get into full out brag mode—
Let me preface something first.
The girl is like 8 ½ months knocked up right now.

Knocked up in the sense that her and her husband were planning on getting pregnant with their second child and it worked.
Some may not refer to this as “knocked up”.
However, some would.
And I fall into the second category.
Sorry mom—I know you think that term sounds crude.
I can’t help it she got knocked up though.
Some things in life are just too cute to not document on this blog.
And well.
These things are way too cute.
You see, I recognized my sisters talent when she put together her first little daughters nursery.

Not only did she put the entire room together on her own, she made nearly everything in it as well.
I mean really.
Who does that?
And then-there is the nursery she just completed for baby girl number 2.
Again, 100% done by her.
Okay, and her muscle man husband who painted all those stripes.

One word.
Last but not least, let us not forget about the birthday party she just threw together for that first daughter of hers, which just so happened to take place this weekend.

Three words to sum that little ole’ party up:
Cute. Cute. Cute.
Speaking of that first daughter ….
She happens to be the cutest girl in the whole wide world.
Aside from my other niece of course.
So there you have it.
A post dedicated to the most talented woman I know.
Love you sissy pants.

PS. Dear unborn baby Amelia,
Between your mom, big sister, and aunt, you have some big shoes to fill.
No pressure or anything but I expect nothing but 100% awesomeness out of you.
Don’t worry though, I have faith in you girlfriend.
Now get your cute butt out of your moms stomach and make your arrival already.
Kissing your mom’s stomach is not nearly as cute as kissing your sweet cheeks.

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