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Cover Model. Say What?

March 16, 2012


Erin Schrader

Lets face it guys.

I am not cover girl material.
Like at all.
In fact, I am the epitome of the exact opposite of a “model” whatever that might be?
So lets be honest for a minute–when I was contacted by FabuLESS Fashions to be their “March Model” I laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more.
They obviously didn’t see this post.
Anyhow, after much “wow they must be out of their minds” thoughts, I obliged.
Because what girl would say no to their chance to get to listen to their husband say “No. Not more pictures again.” “The neighbors are outside, absolutely not.” “You know how dumb this looks taking pictures of you in our backyard!?” “You do the same exact pose…every single time.”
Not I.
I say bring it.
So, I brought it.
And this is how it turned out.
Or something like that.
Here are some more “exact same pose” pictures I was creative enough to to come up with.

Skill people.

Want to own the look for yourself?
Sweet action.
Click here and it’s all yours baby.
The shirt, the belt, and the necklace.
Bada bing Bada boom.
You know what else can be all yours?
This fancy schmancy Owl ring.
Act like you don’t want your finger to scream “whoooo whoooooo”.
Yes, I just had to google “what sound do owls make?”
Anywhoooooooo…….back to business.
To Enter {leave a comment for each thing you did}:
Mandatory: “Like” FabuLESS Fashions on Facebook

Extra Entries:
1. Visit FabuLESS Fashions website and tell them on their Facebook wall which item you would buy.
2. Follow Living In Yellow.
3. Share this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, Blog.

Count it.
That’s 4 entries my friends.

Happy Winning.

PS. Make sure to check out FabuLESS Fashions for a wide variety of everything under the sun. It is so freakin’ affordable you can most likely purchase the whole website. Not kidding.
Take a look for yourself.

Yes, I am excited about it which is why it warranted all caps. And yes, prayers would be appreciated if you feel like speakin’ to the big guy up above 🙂 Not just for my sister and the baby, but also for me as I am watching my niece for 8+ hours. The agenda? Playing, Picnic, Shopping, Naps, and more playing.

…Now if you will please excuse me, I have some serious pizza to dig into and basketball to watch.
I am such a lady.

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