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Dancing Machine & Beautiful People

February 7, 2012


Erin Schrader

First things first people.
You have no idea how excited my bones were last evening about all you newbies around here.
The love y’all give is like outta this world.
And it made me dance.

Thank you.
I am so blessed to have you be apart of this blog.
You know what else makes me happy?
This girl.
{see below}
Can I just say that when I put her post together and saw her picture–
my mouth said out loud
“Whoa. Now she is beautiful”
Ashlee is one of my fabulous sponsors for February and has a little somethin’ somethin’ for you today.
Hope you wore your lucky pants today.
Or no pants at all.
That might be more fun.
K, that was weird.
Take it away Ashlee.
Well, hellooooo LIY.
 I am so excited to talk to you today.
Man, do I have some treats for you!
But, let me tell you a little about me before I get to the gooood stuff. I’ll try to make it quick.

I’m Ashlee and my little blog is And They Lived Happily Ever After…
My blogworld is all about my life as a health obsessed, faith obsessed, entertainment TV obsessed,
happily (moooost of the time) married life.
I have been known to laugh too much, cry too little, and always have a joke on hand
Well, a joke that at least one person thinks is funny…including me.
 Serious is so not my cup of tea…or coffee….or scotch….hey, whatever your little heart desires. 
We are not here to judge.
My husband of two years is a Submarine Officer and that keeps our life intriguing.
Meet him. He’s a gem, I tell you.
Cute, huh?
Okaaaay, so treat time. 
I won’t make you wait any longer.
My first little treat for you(the less cool of the two) is this little wedding video that will make you happy any day of the week.  I promise.  Ashlee guaranteed.
You may want to fast forward to about a minute in, but don’t go over that!
I mean, that is straight blackmail-worthy, right?
Yes, we rehearsed. 
Poor guy.
At least he knew what he was getting into before he said “I do.”
Alright, enough of my white girl dance moves.
 I’ll get on to treat #2.

I am a new blogger and so I am hosting my very first BLOG GIVEAWAY
 during the first week of February!
 I think it’s the Love Holiday making me all generous and stuff!
I thought long and hard about what I wanted to buy and came up blank… then one day, while shopping, I found it! It’s perfect.
I may or may not have bought a duplicate to keep.
Hey, I said no judging! 
So, if you’d like to enter, head on over to here and ENTER away!
There are loads of ways to win! 
Nice to meet you guys, hope to see you in the blogosphere soon!
You heard the girl.
Move it.
And trust me. You want to move it.
Her giveaway is suh-weeeeet.

Oh, and hey come back tomorrow.
You will find out what that little punk Siri called me the other day.
Yes, I am talking about the computer that speaks to you out of an Iphone.
Just so you know, Siri almost got a beat down.

PS. The winner will be revealed TOMORROW for My Favorite Things Giveaway.
This means you need to enter TODAY.
What are you waiting for?
Jump on it.

Peace out.

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