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Living In Yellow + The Daybook = Happiness.

February 6, 2012


Erin Schrader

You guys.
I am so excited.
Today marks the day that
“I’ve officially spent a lot of money to be featured on my all-time favorite blog, The Daybook
Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness is lying.
Because today I am freakin’ ecstatic.
To make myself sound half sane, I will not admit that I check Sydney’s blog more times in a day than I brush my teeth.
And I would never even think about losing sleep over the thought of being featured on her blog.
If you are here from The Daybook, Welcome.
Every bone in my body is so happy that you decided to stop by.
First things first–
if you made your way over here in hopes to enter
My Favorite Things Giveaway….
{Or, you can just bribe me with money to end the giveaway now and choose you as the winner.}
And if giveaways aren’t your thing..I’ve got ya covered.
For starters–you can learn everything you need to know about me Here.
Or maybe you would rather hear about how I pee my pants in the grocery store?
Or maybe you are more into eye makeup.
In which case, once again–I’ve got ya covered.
Better yet–maybe it is blogging tips that tickles your fancy.
In which case, scroll your booty down to yesterdays post.
And heck–if you want to cut to the chase and just vote for me for President.
Feel free.
But seriously, you should probably first enter the giveaway.
Thank you for stopping by.
Stick around for awhile.
I think we are going to get to like each other real quick.
Peace Out Daybookers.
And regular readers.
You know I love ya.

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