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When Blogging Gets Awkward…

January 30, 2012


Erin Schrader

I don’t think I have ever started out a blog post with that string before, but today I mean it.
This post is hilarious.
Especially hilarious if you blog.
Because it is so true.
Like beyond true.
Us bloggers are awkward.
Read more to find out why….
Hey guys! My name’s Bridian.
It’s okay if you can’t pronounce it.
You’re not alone.
If if helps, it sounds like Floridian, obsidian, and meridian.
I love the beach, the salty water, the sunshine, the colors coral and teal, and all things coast-related.
I was born and raised in Florida,
which is where I get both my infatuation for the ocean and my false sense of thug-ness, yo.
[I wasn’t drunk or high in this photo, contrary to popular belief…]
I really, really love music. And all of my blog posts are titled with lyrics to a song.
Because remember when it was cool to make your Facebook status song lyrics?
Well I would update my status like 983745987435 times a day and my friends told me it was getting annoying.
I like to cook…and consequently I love to eat. I do it several times a day.
{this is me…with my mouth full of food. keepin’ it classy}
My life is an exciting, crazy adventure, which is why I blog.
So that I can remember it all when I get old and loopy.
Which doesn’t seem so far away some days. 18351_404142535620_886405620_10664312_4052468_n
However…blogging isn’t easy when you’re writing about your life.
 Sometimes it can actually be really hard to find a balance between pouring out your heart and embarrassing yourself.
Today I’m here to talk about:
[I apologize in advance if this post makes you feel awkward or if it makes you reconsider the way you look at blogs in general]
A few weeks ago I transferred to a new school. In a new state. Which means that I don’t know anybody—not my roommates, not my classmates, and I most certainly don’t have a ton of friends {yet}.
 This is normal.
But it presents a huge problem when I blog.
Because my blog is about my life, and these new people are now a part of my life.
Yet I can’t be all “hey, I know we just met but uh…I write a blog and I want to just take a quick picture of you so that I can write about you…is that cool?”
 Because I know from firsthand experience that behaving in this manner won’t win you any friends.
And lets face it…I need friends.
One way for me to get around this problem is to draw pictures. Usually they’re just in my notebook but sometimes they make it to my blog. For example…Here’s who I hung out with on New Year’s Eve:
Now if I post this on my blog, so many potential problems arise.
Number one.
What if the people I draw actually see it?
 I don’t want homegirl to think her pixie cut (which looks super hot in real life) looks like that shabby mess I drew.
Because it doesn’t.
I don’t want homeboy thinking that his hair is that red.
Because it’s not.
And I don’t want the girl that I actually knew to think her hair looks like stringy spaghetti. Because was actually quite lovely. And then in my blog I’d probably be more detailed, saying things like “homegirl reminded me of one of those vampires from Twilight” {compliment, believe it or not} or “I think homegirl’s husband had a lisp” {because what if he didn’t?!}.
PLUS what if all the other people read it?
Because there were like a bajillion other people at that house that night. So…ummm…here ya go?
It’s really a no win situation. But no one wants to read a blog that has no pictures, only words.
 [And by that I mean I wouldn’t want to, and obviously everyone feels the same way that I do].
One of the absolute best weeks of my life was when I went to Canada to live with strangers
 [there is a back story to that…I promise].
That was an awkward blogging experience.
I wanted to take pictures of every little exciting, novel thing.
But I felt so weird trying to snap pictures of everything that they thought was normal and commonplace.
 Also I only had my blackberry to take pictures with and I swear, the makers of blackberry don’t know discreet.
 That stupid camera always makes the shutter sound no matter what you do.
And the most awkward experience of LIFE is when you’re trying to take pictures of people/things without anyone noticing and then THEY NOTICE.
 and you’re all “oh hey…just um…trying to remember…what is happening right now…sorry?”
Just thinking about it makes my stomach feel all flip floppy with anxiety.
My biggest fear is posting stuff about people and then having them read it and be mad/embarrassed/insulted/never want to be my friend again.
 Because no one wants to be the weird blogger girl.
And ladies and gentleman, I am a weird blogger girl.
And I know that I could just ask their permission, but sometimes that feels even weirder to me.
 Like “haaaay, I like…write a blog…and like…can I write about you? ‘cuz like…you do things reallll weird and stuff and like…I just want all my friends to secretly laugh at you behind your back because you do stuff so weird…and like…stuff…”
{I do NOT talk like this, but I think it’s how I sound when I feel uncomfortable}.
Pretty much what I’m saying is if you write a blog about cooking/crafting/fashion where you only take pictures of yourself…be grateful that your life is missing such an awkward component.
And if you want to read more awkward and (hopefully) non-awkward posts, come check out my blog!
And since I usually end with either pictures of sunsets or of my feet…
Okay so I am still laughing.
If your like me, you will fall in love.
Because yes, I fall in love with girls.
Was that weird?
….Make sure to come back tomorrow {as in Tuesday}.
I’m talking about babies.

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