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Baby Talk {Why Adoption?}

January 31, 2012


Erin Schrader

**Before you begin reading**
Be aware that this post is full of a lot of text and very few pictures.
 I didn’t find it necessary to add pictures of women giving birth just to make this post aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Moving on now.

So you may recall here when I gave our “baby plan”
I said two things.
Two years.
And adoption.

The funny thing is—sometimes I write things and tend to forget that people are actually reading this blog.
The thing that I forget even more is that if they read something I write, they may question why I wrote it.
Weird how things happen isn’t it?

I’ve started getting a few questions from people I’ve met through blogging, and then people I actually know.
You know, like my parents, siblings, and in-laws.
And to be honest with you—I’ve been struggling when the question is asked
“Why do you want to adopt?”
In fact, I almost cringe inside and wish they didn’t ask.
And then I want to blurt out “Oh, I don’t know—why did you decide to get pregnant naturally?”
But then I realize that is dumb and they are just asking a normal question.
Let me explain.

All too often I think when we as people make “big” decisions, we think we need to have some big
“earthly reason” why we are choosing what we are.
It’s like we believe basing our decision off our feelings alone isn’t good enough.
We need to have a “reason”.
Say for instance—in the case of adoption.

Adoption in a lot of people’s minds are for people who either:
1.    Can’t have children on their own
2.    Already have children of their own.

Shawn and I fall under neither of these categories.
Do I know if we can’t have children?
We’ve never “tried” to have children.
I may be Fertile Myrtle.
Or I may be Sterile Merile.
Only the Lord knows that one.

So why are we choosing to adopt?

-Because as long as I can remember it has been a desire of my heart to adopt a child who needs a family to love them more than they can ever imagine.

-Because when my husband said the words to me “I am totally fine with adopting..” followed right up with
“Think of all the children who don’t have any, or don’t have good quality homes to grow up in?
At least we could offer them more than what they would have otherwise.”
I was engulfed with an overwhelming sense of peace.

-Because when I talk to you {or write these words} my eyes swell up with tears thinking about our unborn child who may not have loving parents if we don’t bring him/her into our lives.

-Because I know without a shadow of a doubt that my husband and I have the ability to love the heck out of a child whether it’s “ours” or somebody else’s. 

-And because it just feels right.

And sometimes, all of those reasons are hard for me to say in person.
So instead, I respond with “It is just something we want to do”
Which is true.
But it is because of the reasons I spelled out above that makes it “something we just want to do”.

With all this being said—
Have we started the adoption process?
Do we know when we will start the process?
Do I realize that there is a high probability that it will be a long, emotionally draining, experience that can
{and will most likely be} filled with highs and lows?
But do I realize that God has already hand selected our child and that no matter what happens,
He is in control.

Does this mean that Shawn and I will ever conceive our own child?
Again, only the Lord knows.
Time will tell.
Although—I wouldn’t mind creating a little one.
After all, we were pretty cute as little bits.

I mean how precious was he?
Okay, so maybe just one of us was cute.

PS. I know this will bring up another question
 “Are you adopting internationally or local?”
Of course, any form of adoption is great, but this is the choice that we feel best for us.
Oh, and as far as the sex of the baby goes…
We each have differing opinions on which gender we would like.
Pink hair bows and tutus belong in my house.
That’s all I’m sayin’.

PPS. If you have gone through this process and have any advice/tips etc please do tell.
I would love to hear from you.
Email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com if your little heart desires.

Thank you for taking a solid amount of time out of your day to read all of this.
I don’t think you truly know the special place each one of you readers holds in my heart.
Love you all.

…Speaking of loving you all—
come back tomorrow to celebrate this blog’s one year anniversary.
I may or may not be giving away 14 of my Favorite Things.

It’s gonna be huge.
We’re talkin’ gigantic.
And awesome.
Be prepared.

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