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One Year Celebration {My Favorite Things Giveaway}

January 31, 2012


Erin Schrader

Sweet mother of pearl.
Today marks 1 whole year of this blogging shaz.
One Whole Year.
I can hardly believe it.
Blog, you’ve done me well my friend.
This little blog has transformed from a dreamto a hobbyto a passion.
Anyhow, enough about how I am estatic that I actually stuck with something for more than three weeks
{discipline, I guess I do have a little bit of you in me…}
Today, I am celebrating YOU.
The readers who make writing this blog so darn fun.
When I tell you I love you, I mean…

That goes for all of you–
The readers who have been around since Day One..
and the readers who are brand spankin’ new
{Whuddup Daybook & Much Love Illy readers..Welcome ;)..}

So, in celebration of your awesomeness..I figured I should do something fun.
I present to you:
“My Favorite Things Giveaway”
Similar to how Oprah and Ellen do..
only bigger and better.
I don’t think you know the amount of excitement in my body about this.
The fact that ONE of you gets to take home ALL 14 ITEMS.
{Valued at over $325}
Friends, say hello to my favorite items and get your hot cross buns in the drawing.
You can’t win if you don’t enter 😉
Here goes nothin’…

**Discount Code: NEWYEAR12 for 30% off all Ipad Snuggies**

**Discount Code: LIY25 for a 25% discount!**

**Discount Code: Yellow20 for 20% off**

**Discount Code: yellow20 for 20% off**
**Discount Code: Shine10 for 10% off Necklaces**
**Discount Code: YELLOW15 for 15% off**
**Discount Code: YELLOW for 15% off!**

To Enter:
{Leave a comment for each and every thing you do}
Follow Living In Yellow via GFC or Bloglovin’
(1 Entry)
Additional Entries:
-“Like” on Facebook:
(14 Possible Entries)

-Follow Blog:
(12 Possible Entries)
-Visit shop and tell me which item you would buy:
(14 Possible Entries)

-Sign up for Erin Condrens Newsletter
(1 Entry)
-Follow Living In Yellow on Facebook
(1 Entry)
-Follow Living In Yellow on Twitter
(1 Entry)
-Blog/Tweet/Facebook about this giveaway
(1 Entry)
Umm, yes that means you can each have up to 45 entries.
Sounds like you better get movin’…

**Winner will be selected and announced on Wednesday, February 8th**

Last, but not least–I couldn’t say it better myself:

**Thank you also to all of the generous/fantastic owners of the shops above**
There is a reason why they are my favorite.
Check em’ out.

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