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Things That Make Me Laugh

October 20, 2011


Erin Schrader

Oh sweet mother, let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart-
It is indeed, the best medicine.
Aside from making you happy, it just feels good doing it-and it also helps tone your ab muscles.
Hold up.
Apparently laughing has the same effects as….
That s-e-xylophone word.
Yes, I am 25 and I feel uncomfortable typing the word “sex” on my blog.
It just looks dirty {and I have people such as my mother and great aunt who read this}
And you know both of them have never heard of that word.
Anyhow-back to laughter.
I used to be a heck of a lot funnier than I am now.
I mean I did some weird stuff.
Like dress up and go out in public looking like this:
I’m not sure which is better-the monkey sitting on her head, or the paper mache baby in my arms?
Monkey wins.
Or row a freakin’ plastic tub in the middle of a grocery store:
Not to mention, I was a mean sidekick to a lot of historic prank calls.
Oh, the good ole’ days.
But because I am not nearly as cool as I was before-I have to get my comedy elsewhere.
Thankfully, I have the Internet for that.
Here are some of my recent findings that had me laughing out loud.
Or LOL’ing if I’m gonna be all technical with it.
1. One time I logged into Facebook and saw this as a “friends” status:
“___________ (insert name) really needs to poop. I am starting to have sympathy pains for her.”
I laugh hysterically and think “What kind of husband says that on Facebook about his wife?!?!”
After several “HAHAHA” comments from people, the poor wife comments back and says
“He meant I need to POP. Not poop”
Turns out she was preggo and he didn’t know how to type.
Although I’ve heard with pregnancy both words could’ve been a legit issue.
Typo appreciated.
2. Speaking of Facebook, I logged in yesterday and saw this on my Aunt’s page.
I hear ya lady. I HATE having to get dressed up for Wal-Mart all the time too.
I mean, how can I compete with all the other “dressed up” people?!
3. One other Facebook find. A “friend” attempted to make a cut-out in his bedroom door for his cat.
Turns out, he didn’t cut it in the right spot. That or his cat jumps really high?
I laughed for a solid 5 minutes at this picture.

I’m not sure what is funnier though. The picture of this comment somebody wrote:
Wait….a cat door into your bedroom????….The worst thing that could have happened to you is for the project to have been successful.
I think you had a close shave there my friend. Cats are jerks.”

4. Speaking of cats, I got dinner from a Chinese Restaurant this week.

When looking at the menu I noticed this
No Person Check.
Now try saying it out loud.
I bet you anything you just yelled and said it real choppy like didn’t you?
Gotta love it.
Best chick flied lice I’ve ever had though.
And there you have it.
A few things recently that have made me giggle my heart out.
Enough laughing though-on a serious note, I am off to go snuggle up on the couch in these:
That’s right.
Footed Pajamas Baby.
You’re not cool until you have a pair.
Adios Amigos And Amigettes.

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