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Oh, The Places You Will Go…

September 21, 2011


Erin Schrader

Okay, so I have to admit-I am writing this in a very bad mood right now.
You see..I was all excited to sit down to the computer, wine & mac and cheese in hand.
My two favorite things in the universe as you know.
Except I just realized I am eating the most disgusting mac & cheese I’ve ever tasted.
I never thought such a thing would be possible.
Word of advice: Never buy the generic brand at Krogers.
Oh and another word of advice: Never shop at Krogers. Period.
Nothing good happens or comes from that place, remember?

So now that I got that off my chest-I’m back in a good mood again.
Thank the Lord because I have a very special girl to introduce to you all.
Her name is Kathleen and she blogs over at Places I Will Go.
She is the sweetest thing ever and is about to take the blogging world by storm 🙂
Now I trust that you are all genius sweet readers of mine…
so when I tell you to check her out, I trust you will do what I say.
{Ya, I just turned my blog into a complete democracy}
Okay, I just googled democracy and it turns out it doesn’t mean what I was hopin’ it meant.
Let’s get on with Kathleen shall we?
Take it away girl…


Hello Hello Everyone! 🙂

I’m Kathleen and you can find me over at:

I am super excited to be guest posting today!
(I’ll let you in on a little secret, this is only my second guest EVER. So I’m kinda nervous)

But before I tell you a little bit more about what I’m all about and I answer some questions that the lovely, talented and hilarious Miss Erin has for me.  

I want to send a HUGE thank you to…you guessed it ERIN!

Living in Yellow is the very first blog I have ever sponsored.  
I am still getting into the swing of things with blogging and can I just say I am so glad I decided to sponsor for Erin.
First off she is HILARIOUS! 
She literally makes me laugh out loud with her writing and she is super sweet and fun.
She is definitely a great blogger role model! 🙂

Ok now on to the goods.

I started my blog last November.  
I was fixin (yes I just said fixin) to start my last semester of college.
I was also fixin to apply for a new job out in Florida with the Walt Disney Company.
(I’m kinda obsessed with all things Disney). 
So I figured the best way to remember everything I was going through was by blogging.

I honestly didn’t take it too seriously at first.  A post here and there but nothing regular.

Then I got my dream job working in Guest Relations at Disney, moved to Florida and wah-la.
Here I am.

 Posting almost everyday and meeting some amazing and inspiring fellow bloggers along the way.

I use my blog as a way to keep track of all the exciting job opportunities I have at work.

In between I throw in a little bit of everything else that is happening in my life.
The GOOD, the BAD, and sometimes the UGLY.

I don’t hold anything back and my writing isn’t the greatest (but I’m getting better).

Erin has sent me some fun questions that will help y’all get to know me a little better:

 1. What three things can you not live without?
My nook (biggest bookworm ever right here)
Mascara (I look extremely tired/sick if I don’t at least wear mascara when I go places)
 My Macbook (I blog, I shop, I waste time, and I keep in touch with friends using my computer.  It is never very far away from me if I’m at home.)

2. Do you like writing blog posts or reading blog posts better?
Hm this is a tough one.  I like both.  Writing blog posts is a great outlet and really helps you get to know more about yourself.  But reading blog posts helps you get to know your fellow bloggers and gives you great inspiration for your own posts.  

3. What are your favorite color combinations right now? 
My favorite color combinations are fall colors.  Oranges, corals, browns, reds, hunter greens.
My roommates and I are fixin to start decorating our apartment for Fall/Halloween. Plus Disney is now all decorated for Fall and those are the colors they use. 

4. If you could eat macaroni and cheese or hamburgers for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
HAMBURGERS for sho! 
In a hamburger you have your meats, your vegetables, your fats, and your grains.  
Plus hamburgers are yummy.

5. Only man left on the planet to live with..who would it be?
I have yet to meet the man of my dreams. 
 I know he’s out there somewhere.
 Looking for me as I’m looking for him.
 So I know if there was only one man left on the planet to live with, I would want it to be him. He is going to be my best friend, my one and only.  
I just don’t know his name…..yet.
Well y’all that’s just a little taste of me. 
Come follow me as I discover all the places I will go. 
I’d love to meet y’all! 🙂


You heard the girl-go follow her here.
Thank you in advance for supporting your fellow bloggers.
You totally deserve a piece of candy or something equally exciting.

One last thing-I have some winners to announce.
Woooooooop Woooooop.

The winner of the $50 store credit to Heidi Devlin Designs is:

And the winner of this wonderful pillow is:

Congrats Jessie & Victoria-I will email you both shortly 🙂

…Oh and the “Queen Ice Cream Guesser” goes to my real life best friend.
It was Peanut Butter ice cream I inhaled last night.
The girl knows me good, real good.

Hugs to you lover cakes.

…K, come back tomorrow for an exciting Awkward & Awesome post.
I tried to make it funny…we’ll see how it pans out.

Peace out kids.

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