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And….I’m Spent

September 11, 2011


Erin Schrader

Happy Sunday Eve
{Or Monday if you are a little slow in reading this…}
I don’t know about you but I am tiiiiired.
I was lucky enough to spend the last 4 fabulous days with mi familia.
We went to a little gem of a place six hours North of us-
Mackinac Island.
Ever been?
It’s really fun in a “simple do nothing” kind of way.
And by simple, do nothing I mean:
Wake up-eat-walk around-eat-sit on the front porch-eat-shop-drink at a bar-sleep,
and repeat again the next day.
I managed to take just a few pictures during the last four days.
And by just a few I mean 290 + or –
I realize you would like to spend the next 2 days of your life looking through each and every one of them, but I don’t have time to upload them all currently.
Instead, I’ll leave you with a few.
(Okay maybe like a 100…)
You can only get to Mackinac Island via Ferry….
Insert our ferry:
The beautiful Island as you approach…
No vehicles are allowed on the Island meaning you can travel three ways:
Or by horse and carriage. 
Thankfully because of no vehicles, it means you can sit at the bars for as long as you want and not worry about how to get home 😉
Carriage Ridin’ it up.
Us girls entering the Butterfly Garden.
I’ve never seen so many of those beauties at one time.
I love them 🙂
There was a lot of finding belly buttons on the trip…
And cheers’ing to great times
Oh, just gettin’ our sweat on…
Moi pictured with the Grand Hotel.
She kinda loves life…Like a lot.
Just hangin’ with one of our friends..No biggie.
The “Downtown” area at evening..
Annnnd…last but not least, lots of quality Ipad time on the drive there and home.
{I dominate at this game..just sayin’}
That’s enough for now..
I must go return to the 5 loads of laundry that are calling my name.
I’ve learned that you can’t really use selective listening when it is the laundry speaking to you.
Also, I just spotted my husband sound asleep on the couch.
My jealousy levels are quickly rising……
{and by tomorrow I mean Tuesday}
 I’m gonna bust out some of my favorite items I’ve found recently.
Ooooh la la.
Wear your excited pants for that one.
Or wear none at all.
That might be a little more exciting.
It’s really whatever you prefer.
I’m down with whichever.
Hope you have had a fantastic couple of day pretty pumpkins.

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