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Awkward & Awesome Thursday

August 11, 2011


Erin Schrader

Whuddup home slices.

{Note to self: Tame down on your ghetto slang and intense ghetto faces, yo}
In case you hadn’t heard-It’s Thursday.
Pretty sure last time I checked that equals Awkward & Awesome time.
And because I don’t want to prove myself wrong, I’m gonna go with it.
Bada bing bada boom let’s get this party started.


{We are gonna go with pictures here on this one. Apparently I need to get out into the
Real World more to experience some real life awkwardness. 
I’ll work on that…}
So much family love…so perfectly displayed.
Thank God I don’t take any self portraits or anything embarrassing like that….
You go girl.
I thought it looked like you had it goin’ on…
The matching red sweaters, glasses, and afro-like hair is SO pretty don’t ya think?
I can’t think of a more flattering swimsuit than this.
And the placement of the nose…hello, perfect.
1. Cheapest love I ever bought-$2 for this masterpiece.
It was drawn by my 7 year old boyfriend.
Don’t be jealous-go find your own.

2. Puffing up your cheeks like so:
and so:

Not sure why I think this is so awesome but I do.
Doesn’t take much to get me excited kids, doesn’t take much.

3. Sweeeeeeeeet Juillets…bum bum bum.

That was totally just sung to the tune of Sweet Caroline.
The bum bum bum part is the part where you throw your arms out and sing
{preferably in a bar setting and/or wedding reception surrounded with friends}
Anyhow, I totally picked these apricots up just because I liked the package.
Turns out they tasted pretty good too.
..Between the word package & tasted pretty good, I could go somewhere funny with this.
Buuuuut, I am way more mature than that so I won’t.

4. So I stepped foot in a few stores the other day..weird I know.
I might’ve fallen in love with a few things for fall.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love stripes?
My name is Erin and I love stripes.
Oh, and while I was out I also picked up a new bed buddy:
Bet I had ya worried huh?
Oh and yes, in case you are wondering-it was awkward taking this picture.

5. The nap that I am about to partake in outside.
That’s right.
Have I mentioned that it is pretty much like Fall around these parts?
Ya, apparently the weather Gods read this post and granted me my wish.
Oh, the power of blogging….

On that note,
I’m peacin’ out of this mug…
{I’ve never understood that term, but today-I am going to act like it makes perfect sense…}
Happy Thursday Lover Beans.

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