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Miscellany Monday

May 2, 2011


Erin Schrader

1.       This weekend was one that has left me feeling completely exhausted (not that I am complaining). Seven of us girls hit the streets of Chicago shopping, dining, and dancing it up for a dear friend’s bachelorette party. The body part that hurts the most? My face..from laughing so extremely hard.
Oh girl time, how I love you.

2.       Speaking of tired, why don’t work places have built-in “sleep days”?
Or at least nap times for goodness sake.
 All in favor say I.
3.       I have the coolest nephew ever. Thankfully I got to spend some time with this kid last evening where he showed off his ability to find tree bugs {aka ants}, blow bubbles, and sport his duck face (which consists of scrunching your nose and pressing your lips out..like a duck. It’s pretty attractive, I recommend wearing your duck face all day today).  

4.       I subconsciously stopped doing Must-Have Mondays apparently? Woopsie. Expect to see their return sometime soon. Probably on a Monday or something crazy like that..
5.       So I’m telling myself that I’m going to work out regularly and eat healthy this week. Please remind me of this when you see me reach for a bag of chips to inhale..my willpower is that of a cat. Which I’m going to guess is not good?

6. Can we all be in agreement that Kate was gorgeous on her wedding day? And also agree that her sister looked absolutely stunning as well..especially in this green dress?
If only my last name could’ve been Middleton….Or first name Pippa. Whichever.
7. Have any of you ever taken a bath in pure lotion? Please tell me how it turned out. My skin is begging me to do it but I just can’t quite make myself yet. Maybe your encouragement will help replenish my peeling epidermis.
8. So the pants that I wore to work today…welp, they are ripped in the back AND the zipper in the front is now broken. Do I continue to still wear them? Yes. They are as soft as pajama pants, how can I give them up?
 I guess there is a good reason my last name isn’t Middleton after all…
9. So my friend/cousin is having her first ever giveaway on her blog and it happens to be the cutest necklace under the sun. If you were smart, you would go enter to win it. And if you were even smarter you would brace yourselves with Kleenex knowing that I will actually win the prize. Ha. I may or may not love a good dose of trash talking.
6.       We’re almost at having 100 followers on this bad boy.

I might pee my pants when we get there. And then have a party to celebrate.
Because really, what isn’t worth celebrating?
Wanna come? I’ll have cleaned up the pee in my pants by then, don’t worry.

That’s all for now…Happy Monday!!!
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