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A Letter To My Momma…

May 8, 2011


Erin Schrader

Dear Mom,
I know that I shouldn’t have to wait until Mothers Day to say “Thank You” for all
all that you have done for myself, and our family…
But here I sit on this glorious day and can’t help but think about how many things I have
never taken the time to actually thank you for.

First off, thank you for giving me life.
This gift is irreplaceable and I never want to take it for granted.

Thank you for the countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years that you held me,
comforted me as I cried, fed me, and kissed my forehead as a baby.
Although I can not remember it, I certainly appreciate it.
I realize that there are thousands of children who do not receive this kind of attention.
I am so grateful.
Thank you for teaching me how to play nicely with others as a toddler {minus the time I hit Chelsea in the shoulder with my golf club…or the time I ran over a little girls foot with my Barbie Car and thought it was her fault}, thank you for dressing me in fashionable clothes{or what I thought to be fashionable, ie: Cow outfit}, and for not getting angry when I would say loudly in the grocery store “Dum mom, dum mom” when asking for gum.
Thank you for instilling in me at such a young age the importance of family vacations.
A time to get away, spend quality time together, seeing and appreciating a world away from our own. I pray that Shawn & I will be financially able to teach our children this same lesson.
Thank you for the years you spent as not only a fan of mine when it came to sports, but also a coach. I thoroughly enjoyed learning different softball, soccer, and basketball skills from you.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of physical activity and discipline.
The fact that I can count on one hand the times you have not exercised for at least 30 minutes in the morning over the past 24 years of my life is unbelievable.
I long for this self discipline and admire it in you.

Thank you also for teaching me the importance of keeping a clean home and a nice yard.
Although I don’t pick up every single leaf, know how to plant flowers, or wash my windows every other day, I am slowing starting to see the value in taking good care of what I own.
Mowing and weeding are now two things I honestly look forward to.

Thank you for teaching me valuable lessons about money…that it is very important to save, but it is also important to enjoy it while you are here. I have enjoyed watching you and dad spend on items & vacations that you are passionate about.

Thank you for your 30 years of hard work in the school system as a teacher, athletic director, and mentor to thousands of students.
Your years of work provided a comfortable living environment for our family and also taught me the importance of hard work.

Thank you for always believing in me and my ideas big and small.You have shown me how to have a quiet confidence in my spirit.
To be proud of this life, take chances, dream big, but never be arrogant, or take what I have for granted.

Thank you for trusting me {even though it was hard} to make the right decisions when it came to dating and relationships. I will never forget the times we cried together in this journey. Your confidence and motherly assistance behind my decisions is so appreciated.

Thank you for showing me what a loving, fun, marriage looks like.
It is so neat to see you and dad together, enjoying life, loving every minute of it together.
I long to have this kind of marriage today, tomorrow, and in 3o years.

Thank you for preparing me for motherhood. Although I do not have a child of my own yet, the lessons you have taught me will be so appreciated and put to good use.
Your motherly skills are so evidently displayed through Chelsea as a mother.

By the way, you seriously are the world’s BEST grandmother.

Thank you for being so selfless, like today for instance.
You hosted, cooked a big meal, and cleaned up every ounce..just like you always do.
None of which was expected, but it is SO appreciated.

Thank you for never causing me to doubt that I am loved.
You display it daily in your acts of service, phone calls, words, and affections.

I am so blessed to call YOU my Mother.
Thank you for making me feel like the luckiest girl around.

I love you,


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