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Must-Have Mondays

April 4, 2011


Erin Schrader

You know the drill..it’s a brand new week which equals brand new must-haves.
This week I bring you…
1.       Victoria’s Secret Vanilla & Sandalwood Body Mist. My dear BFF got me hooked on this. After waiting on her to get ready one time, I noticed I could not stop inhaling something fabulous. My nose quickly gravitated to her and I became a sniffaholic all over her. K, that might’ve sounded weird but I hope you know what I meant. I love this scent, it’s not too fruity, not too overwhelming, it’s simply good. Not sure what else I need to say about it-Oh except if you can find it for sale 75% off like I did-buy several. And by that I mean at least 4. These babies are huge and they last forever. Every spray equals an ounce of happiness.
Make that two ounces if somebody notices and compliments your smell goodness.
2.       Aquadoodle. Yeah yeah, I’m not a mother, I have no children. I get it. But I love this. I was recently introduced to this fabulous little kiddos product this past weekend at our friends house. Their son started playing with this and I was mesmerized. I quickly stole it from him (after he started playing with other toys, don’t worry…) and couldn’t stop doodling my brains out. The best part? The marker is just water-you simply doodle all over the mat and after it dries, it disappears, leaving you with a fresh new canvas to start all over again. If you have children-I highly recommend this. And if you don’t have children? Still buy it. This item will definitely make an appearance on my Birthday wish list this year. Count on it.
3.       Lorac Blush/Bronzer Duo. I picked this beautiful little compact of sunshine up at Sephora last year and have been in love since. I love that one side is a bronzer that you first use along your cheekbone to make it stand out, and then the other side is full of color to make you have that rosy, sun kissed, look all year long. A little goes a long way here. Unfortunately I have run out of mine for the time being and have not picked up another one, so all of you who see me on a daily basis-please don’t investigate my face expecting to see the results of this duo.
Give it a few weeks and maybe you’ll notice a difference 😉
Hope your Monday is Fabulous. Mine started out with spilling scorching hot tea all over the area between my thighs. Walking into work looking like I wet myself something fierce isn’t exactly what I was going for, but hey-I’ll roll with it.
… Dara ya to share what you love with the world by linking up down below. Make that a double dare.
Love ya’ll.

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