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Why To Use Babylist For Your Registry

April 24, 2024


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Babylist and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post.

Now that we are just a week and a half away from my baby shower, things over in registry land have been hoppin’ and gosh, it’s gettin’ me excited. Have I reached the nesting stage yet?! No [as I stare at clothes strewn all over the floor in every direction from where I’m currently sitting] but do I have high hopes that after said baby shower and receiving so many goodies for our sweet little boy that it will inspire and motivate all of my nesting dreams to come true? Absolutely.

I know I shared last month about my registry, but today I thought I’d share why choosing Babylist as my registry provider was the best and easiest decision for me in this pregnancy journey, especially now that it is being utilized by guests of all ages, locations, etc for our upcoming shower!

Reasons why I’d recommend Babylist for your registry provider of choice:

  1. First up, it’s a universal baby registry, meaning that you can add ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from any retailer onto one registry for your shoppers to view and buy from! They don’t have to go to individual websites to find your specific registry, but rather just go to your one registry through Babylist and see it all! That means everything you’re loving from Etsy, Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids, Crate & Barrel, Target [and the list goes on and on], is all in one spot. Even better? It will show your shoppers the price of each item at all retailers it’s available at, so they can decide where to shop!

2. Second, the Babylist Guides are a life saver [or at least a registry building saver!] These were instrumental to me in building my registry. Overwhelmed by the best stroller for your little one? Simply read their “best strollers of 2024” guide and then decide for yourself! Just today I was curious about what nursing bra[s] I may need once the baby is here and voila, this article about the best products for postpartum recovery appeared and I’ve already added several items to my cart. These guides are so helpful as you walk through ALL stages of pregnancy [and motherhood]!

3. Third, the Try-it Kits from Babylist are such a genius idea that you can register for! What better way to try out different products because not all items work for every baby? These custom Babylist Try-It Kits allow you to test out your options to make sure you find exactly what your little one needs! I took advantage of both the Bottle and Pacifier Try-It Kits as I’ve heard both of these items can be tricky to find out which one[s] your kiddo will love!


4. Not only can you add products from all retailers, but Babylist itself is an amazing hub of the most-wanted and talked about baby items [like these Coterie diapers I picked up from them or this adorable Future Foodie Gift Set!] You can search through their giant catalog of products and simply click “Add to Babylist” to get it on your registry with one click!

They also have exclusive to Babylist products, like this adorable Skip Hop x Babylist Moby 3-Stage Bath Set [I love that it’s like a little hammock for your babe!]

5. Babylist provides a complete checklist that will track with you as you add items to your registry. I loved having this tool available to me as I could quickly refer to it to see which item[s] I had forgotten about for my registry! It took all of the guesswork out of the “what should I be adding to my registry?!” and kept me on track all registry long!

And that my friends, are just a few reasons why I would recommend Babylist and only Babylist for all of your registry creating needs! If you are expecting [eeeek, doing a happy little dance for you] and need to create a registry, simply click here and get started! The fun awaits…

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