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The Best of Target Circle Week

April 8, 2024


Team LIY

Target circle week is here!! What does that mean, you ask?! You can save on THOUSANDS of items through 4/13! Now, we know that scrolling through thousands of items sounds a littttleeee overwhelming – never fear, we’ve got you girl! We are sharing our top picks for Target Circle Week deals here [and if you know anything about LIY you know we love a good Target run]! The discounts will be automatically applied on your account for Target circle members! Not a circle member? It’s super quick and easy to join and it’s totally free!

Now, let’s get to shoppin’ friends! 🎯

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LIY Favorites on Sale

Erin’s Favorite Tee [5’4, size small/4]

Tee [true to size, wearing in small] // Similar Jeans // Sneakers [true to size]

Katy’s Tee and Shorts

Tees [true to size] // Shorts [size down] // Sneakers [size up if in between] // Sandals [true to size]

Katy’s Linen Shorts and Sandals

Top [true to size for oversized fit] // Shorts [true to size] // Sandals [true to size]

Katy’s Target Swimsuit and Sandals [5’4″, size XS or 2]

Swimsuit [true to size] // Sandals [true to size] // Pants [size up if in between] // Bag // Hat

Katy’s Dolly Tee

Tee [true to size] Shorts [size down] // Sandals [true to size]

Lauren’s Puff Sleeve Tee

Top [true to size, wearing medium] // Jeans // Similar Jeans // Sandals

Lauren’s Shorts

Tank [sized up to a large for a looser fit] // Shorts [true to size, wearing in medium]

Lauren’s Heels

Brown Heels // Black Heels [true to size]

Lauren’s Dress 

Dress [true to size, wearing medium]

Lauren’s Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress [true to size] // Bag

Devon’s Shorts

Shorts [true to size, wearing 2] // Sweater [true to size, wearing S] // Sandals [true to size]

Macy’s Ribbed Tank [4’11”, size XS or 00]

Ribbed Tank [I sized up for a bit more coverage, wearing S] // Shorts

Macy’s T-shirt

T-shirt [I sized up for a looser fit, wearing S] // Jeans // Sneakers

Heather’s Dress [6′, size small or 4]

Dress [size up 1] // Sandals [true to size]

Aundrea’s Denim Dress [5’11”, size 2X/3X or 20]

Dress [true to size]

Sthefany’s Dress [5’2″, size L/XL or 12/14]

Dress [true to size] // Similar Heels

Katy’s Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain

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