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April 2, 2024


Team LIY

If you’ve been here awhile, you know the drill – every month we share what showed up to our doors from our good ole BFF, Amazon. If you’re new, HI WELCOME TO LIVING IN YELLOW 👋 We like to have fun here 🤩 Buckle up, grab a KeyLime Lacroix, and get ready to add to cart; we’ve got quiteeeee a few finds that we think you may want to get your hands on….

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Erin’s Linen-Blend Jumpsuit [5’4, currently 6 months pregnant]

Jumpsuit [true to size, size up to medium for pregnancy but would recommend your normal size] // Tank Top [true to size] // Similar Sandals

Erin’s Favorite Amazon Heels

Heels [true to size]

Erin’s Floral Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress [true to size, wearing in small] // Heels [true to size]

Steph’s Golf Shirt and Shoes [5’4″, size 10/12 or M/L]

Golf Shirt [true to size, wearing in L] / Skort [size down if between, wearing in M] / Golf Shoes [true to size]

Jen’s Romper[5’7″, size 6 or M]

Romper[true to size, wearing M] // Birks[true to size] // Denim Jacket[true to size, wearing M] // Sneakers[true to size]

Jen’s Swimsuit

Swimsuit [true to size, wearing in M]

Jen’s Sweater Tank

Sweater Tank [true to size, wearing in M] // Shorts [true to size, wearing in 6] // Millers[size up .5]

Katy’s Workout Tanks [5’4″, size XS or 2]

Tanks [true to size] // Shorts [true to size] // Sneakers [true to size]

Macy’s Coverup [4’11”, size XS or 00]

Coverup [true to size]

Lauren’s Biker Shorts

Biker Shorts [size up if in between, wearing in large in 6″] Oversized Boyfriend Tee [size down, wearing in small] // Sandals [true to size]

Skye’s Swimsuit [5’4″, size L or 12]

Swimsuit [I sized up for chest]

Where are my Barbie girlies at? 💞💞 I’ve got another fabulous Amazon find if you’re channeling your inner Barbie at the pool this summer! I love this bright pink color and the weaving pattern is iridescent – such a sweet little touch! The side ties on the bottoms also give you some customization power to fit your bod which I love. I will say this one isn’t quite as supportive, so I would only wear it in a relaxing, no kids situation, but it is a great vacation suit! As always, I sized up to an XL in this one (I always size up in bathing suits because of my chest!). I’m normally a size L in most things!

Allison’s Tanks & Leggings [6′, size medium or 8/10]

Tank [true to size] // Leggings [true to size]

I really like these running/workout Lululemon knock off tanks, even though the length wasn’t as long as the product was described! They looked super long on the model, but in all reality, they hit me just below my waistline, but pairing them with high waisted leggings, made the fit ok for my 6 foot frame. I did purchase mediums, TTS, so maybe size up, and it would be longer!

Aundrea’s Lululemon “Save” Wristlet


Aundrea here! Now listen, I LOVE me a good designer bag, but sometimes my bank account doesn’t have designer funds! 🙃 Then there’s just some things I can’t reason with when it comes to designer pricing! 🤷🏽‍♀️So, I love finding good quality saves (a cheaper alternative) for some popular name brand things! The “Dual Pouch Wristlet” from Lululemon is so cute! I just didn’t like the pricing, so I found this identical wristlet from Amazon for less than half the price! It’s perfect for a night out on the town or to take with me to the gym! 🤗


Cassidy’s Sconces + Puck Lights

Sconces [two for under $30!] // Puck Lights

I have been wanting sconces in this space for awhile now but I was NOT wanting to hardwire them. I decided to try out the puck light hack and let me tell you, I am IMPRESSED. Installation was easy without having to hardwire! Just attach the bracket to the wall and screw into place! For the puck lights, I just placed them [light facing down] where the bulb would typically go. The lampshade actually holds them in place perfectly without glue or tape! They are battery operated and come with a remote. Plus they are dimmable and you are able to turn them on/off one at a time! In full disclosure they aren’t and AMAZING light source. But they do create a very cozy vibe and ambience. I wouldn’t let these serve as your only light source but if you are looking to add some moodier lighting then this could be a great option for you!

Sconces [two for under $30!] // Puck Lights

Katy’s Dining Chandelier


We are moving into a new house soon and I just ordered this light for our dining room – it arrived and I LOVE IT! I was skeptical ordering on Amazon but it is a winner under $60!

Katy’s Circle Light Fixture

Light Fixture

Katy’s Other Light Fixtures

Top Left // Bottom Left // Top Right // Bottom Right

Macy’s Knitted Pouf

Knitted Pouf // Swivel Chairs // Accent Table

Lisa’s Air Fryer

Air Fryer

Lisa here and I am really late to the air fryer game, and goodness, what have I been waiting for?!? I love the large basket when making something for family dinner and then also the split basket is so great that you can cook two different things at the same time at different temps! And it does more than just air fry! Omgoodness – this has me looking up alllllll the recipes!

Lauren’s 3M Command Bathroom Holders

Command Towel Bar // Command Towel Holder

I have a fear of holes in our walls [nails, screws, etc] because what if I change what I want hung there in a year or two?! So I tend to limit the amount of nails going in our walls, and lean heavier on 3M Command hooks whenever I can! You can easily take them down and do re-arranging as needed with fresh stickies! We added on a basement bathroom about a year ago, so it was finally time to add in some bars and hooks, and Command saved the day!

Lauren’s 3M Command Hooks

3M Command Hooks


Hannah’s Shampoo + Conditioner

Lavender Mint Shampoo // Lavender Mint Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner is like a spa for your nose and hair/scalp [lol]. But for real, the smell is absolutely incredible and my hair is insanely soft! I give this an 11/10!


Erin’s Swim Floatie For Kids

Swim Floatie

We had the sweetest little house guest here in Florida with us last week who spent nearly every waking moment in the pool 🥰 I had ordered these water wings for her before she arrived and she LOVED ’em! It was easy to get on, comfortable for her to wear, and she loved the look of it! Lots of fun colors/prints are available! 

Katy’s Oura Ring

Oura Ring [nail color DND Striking Red]

There are so many features to this Oura Ring that I’m still learning but so far I am loving it! It tracks my steps, heart rate, sleep, respiratory rate, body temperature and beyond! When you order your Oura Ring, you can get a free sizing kit so you know which size is best for you!

Steph’s Travel Golf Bag

Collapsable Travel Golf Bag

With a hard top to protect the club heads, and the ability to collapse and take up minimal space when not in use – my husband is very excited about his recent purchase!

Steph’s Book

The Women by Kristin Hannah

Hannah’s Dissolvable Protein Packs

Vade Dissolvable Protein Packs

If you travel frequently or about to travel and drink protein shakes or smoothies, regularly, buy these!! These are so easy to use, just pop them in water, shake, add ice and enjoy! You can also blend them into your smoothie! I traveled with them recently and didn’t have any issues through TSA either!

Hannah’s Dog Collar

Training Collar

Anyone else have a dog that’s tried every single harness, collar and training technique but they’re still terrible on walks and they choke themselves…. We have tried literally everything for our dog, Rocky but he was still choking himself and coughing on walks and ALL over the place. My sister suggested this training collar, and while it looks a little intimidating and like it would hurt, he’s done absolutely amazing with it!! He hasn’t been choking, stays with us, and once he hears it, he comes running so we can put it on him! It’s worked wonders for him and made walks much more enjoyable for all of us [haha]!!

Jen’s Dog Arthrisoothe Glucosamine Soft Chews

Arthrisoothe Glucosamine Soft Chews

Meet Minnie.. age 10 and is showing her sweet age these days! We’ve found these chews to help her back legs so so much! We give her 6 of these a day and truly notice a huge difference in her ability to walk around, go up the stairs, play outside without the struggles she was displaying before starting her on these! This is now on auto-ship, as they have worked wonders for our sweet girl!

Lauren’s Bone Broth

Bone Broth

I started sipping bone broth over the past year, and this is the one brand I’ve found I like the most! Bone broth is great for digestive health, skin/nails/hair, joint health, and more! I simply warm it up in a coffee mug and sip it like a soup!

Lauren’s Messy Eater Stain Treater

Messy Eater Stain Treater

Aundrea’s Markers


I’m in love, I’m obsessed!!! 😍 The elementary educator, colorist, and inner kid in my is screaming for joy!!! Hear me out ladies… you NEED this!! I love to decompress from a long and busy day with some relaxing coloring! Yes, you heard correctly! I always love having a variety of utensils and colors, but secretly wished my favorite Crayola things looked more sleek or “adultish”! 😂

Well the wait is officially over! 🙌🏽 These Click Retractable Markers are my FAV!! They make my coloring look the same lol, but now I feel a little more chic and sophisticated doing it! 😉

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