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Dyson Airwrap vs. Shark Flexstyle

March 19, 2024


Team LIY

With all of the hype around the Dyson Airwrap and Shark FlexStyle LIY decided it was time to put both to the test on a variety of hair types and see which multi-styling device came out on top! If you’re wondering what the heck these hair tools are, let us explain! They are multi-styling tools that can dry, curl, shape and smooth your hair using only air! Both claim to use intelligent heat control [AKA no heat damage!]. But HOW do you use it?! See it in action here! For curling tips here’s we learned:

  • Step 1: start with damp or towel dried hair
  • Step 2: use the curling attachment for the correct directional setting [YouTube, Reels, or TikTok videos helped with this part!]
  • Step 3: keep on your preferred heat setting for 15 seconds then switch to the “cool” air setting for about 10 seconds to “set” the curl!
  • Step 4: use styling products to keep your style in place!

Now, let’s talk price and what you’re getting! Both of these little machines cost a pretty penny, but the Dyson definitely takes the cake coming in at whopping $599 [this ain’t your Mama’s blow dryer 😱] and while the Shark is definitely still up there, it is half the price at just under $300! When you purchase the Shark FlexStyle it comes with 5 attachments [auto wrap curlers for both directions, paddle brush, oval brush, and concentrator tool] as well as the blow dryer! However, you can add on or purchase extra attachments as well including different size curling attachments and the smoothing tool. With the Dyson aside from the “main body” of the dryer you will get 6 attachments and a storage case including: 2 sizes of the airwrap curling tools [these switch direction with the switch of a setting], a round brush, smooth paddle brush, firm paddle brush, smoothing attachment, and a filter cleaning brush.

Now, let’s get to the reviews shall we!?

Erin – Straight Hair

My Favorite: [Dyson Airwrap]

Dyson Airwrap

Before I get too ahead of myself here, let me just be honest with you for a second and admit that I would most likely never use either of these tools. Not because they don’t work, but because I am a very big believer in “why fix what isn’t broken” and well, this old dog is a hard one to teach new tricks to. Both of these products left my hair more bouncy and Shirley Temple-esque than the vibe I traditionally go for with my trusted 1″ barrel curling iron. Maybe it was user error, or maybe that’s how these AirWrap things work, but I really have no business trusting a wand to blow and suck my hair all over the place. I know, practice makes perfect, but practice also requires patience and well, you can see where I’m S.O.L. on this equation. That being said, I do have to trust that using this AirWrap rather than a hotter-than-hot curling iron is better on your hair, and well, anything Dyson has a way of making my hair smooth and healthier looking. If you are to be trusted with hair tools, I do think you’ll see great results with this. And if you are like me and shouldn’t be trusted, save your money and thank me later.

Shark FlexStyle

The biggest pro for the Shark FlexStyle in comparison to the Dyson AirWrap is the price – we’re talking $300 less. My struggle with this tool [and again, I’m blaming the user here] is that half of my head had bouncy curls while the other half was straight pieces scattered throughout. I don’t know if it was all of the air blowing around that made me distressed and just miss big ole chunks of hair or what, but whatever the case, it ain’t for me. I will say one disadvantage is that you still do have to dry your hair about 90% of the way before using one of these tools. To me, using these took longer than my curling iron, but again, maybe I just need to get used to it. I’ve seen great results on others [just look below!] but for me, back to my roots [pun intended] I go.

Katy – Wavy/Curly Hair

My Favorite: BOTH! [see review]

Dyson Airwrap

WHY OH WHY am I picking BOTH as my favorite, you say? Well, let me explain in these reviews…this Dyson Airwrap is MAGICAL. The steep price tag makes it a little less magical 🤣 but when I tell you the dry time, flyaway nozzle [A MUST for my hair type – this also straightened my hair!], and curl ability on this thing are amazing. Note: on BOTH the dyson and shark I watched videos that helped me learn how to use them and there’s a learning curve but they are super easy once you get the hang of it!

Shark FlexStyle

I felt like the Shark curled JUST as well as the Dyson and for the price difference, that makes it a big winner in my book! What didn’t make it the overall winner is that for my hair type I really needed this smoothing tool [that is sold separately from the Flexstyle] because from the videos and reviews I’ve seen, it’s amazing! I ultimately just still had too much frizz and too many flyaways without it going from the blow dry setting to curling without it! With all of that said, for drying and curling the flexstyle is JUST as good as the Dyson, in my opinion.

Aundrea – Natural Curly Hair

My Favorite: Dyson Airwrap

I have natural curly hair. However, I wear my hair blow dried, and straightened. After using both
drying/styling tools, here is my review!

Dyson Airwrap

I felt like my hair was able to get a lot more smooth from blow drying with this tool compared to the Shark. After brushing out my curls, it took roughly the normal time frame to smooth it out when using a normal blow dryer.

Curling attachments: not much success with curling with these either. While my hair attached better than the shark, it did not create actual curls. More of body without the hair

Shark FlexStyle

I was able to blow out and dry my hair to my liking with the Shark. However, I do feel that it took longer than usual to completely dry my hair. The air was not as hot as I am used to either. Although it was dried and straightened out, it was not as smooth as I normally would blow dry it. I think I would have less drying time.

Curling Attachments: The curling attachments did not work for me at all. Even after watching several tutorials on youtube and TikTok. It would not grab onto my hair to curl it. Overall, I felt that it was not the most productive drying/styling tool for me. I also felt like it was really loud!

Claire – Straight Hair + 2 Rows 22″ Extensions

My Favorite: Shark FlexStyle

Dyson Airwrap

After seeing the Dyson Airwrap EVERYWHERE on TikTok, I was so excited to try it out! Unfortunately, it was a fail for me. It definitely takes a few tries to get the hang of, but it just did NOT hold a curl for me. I have noticed a lot of girls are setting their curls with rollers to make them last longer, but I don’t typically have the time [or skillset 😉 ] to do that on a daily basis! If you’re looking to save time by investing in a 2-in-1, this is not it!

Shark FlexStyle

If you’re purchasing one of the two hair dryers, let it be the Shark FlexStyle! For the price, I was blown away [literally 😉 ] with the difference! My only complaint about the Shark is that it requires two different attachments to curl – one for each wrap direction. Remember that your hair has to be about 80% dry before using the curling attachments! It was still time consuming enough that I wouldn’t style my hair like this on a daily basis, but I think it’s so pretty for a date night, GNO, or special occasion!

Hannah – Thick + Naturally Curly hair

My Favorite: Shark FlexStyle

Shark FlexStyle

I’m in love with this hairdryer!! Truly, if you are picking between the two this one is the best, in my opinion! I love that it pivots, making it so much easier to use and the power/air force is insane! I strictly used the concentrator and was blown away, literally, by how smooth and fast my hair dried!! I also smoothed my hair out so much I didn’t even need to use my straightener! I’ve owned a different Shark hair dryer for years but I’m convinced I need this one instead! It also has a much better price point compared to the Dyson!!

Dyson Airwrap

I did not love this one…. It was incredibly cumbersome to hold compared to the Shark! There wasn’t a way to pivot the dryer which made it more challenging to hold it. I also felt like my hair didn’t smooth out as well and felt more coarse, not as smooth. I also needed to use my straightener to smooth out some pieces. For the price, overall use and end result, this was definitely not worth it! I also found it to be heavier! Save your money and go with the Shark!


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