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HeyNuts Leggings on 15 Body Types

February 15, 2024


Team LIY

If you’ve spent any time chatting and scrolling in the LIY Community lately, you know that HeyNuts leggings from Amazon have taken over our carts and our hearts. Between the different inseam + style options [essential, workout pro, and yoga pro], overall feel and comfort, and the under $30 price tag [look out, Lululemon 👀] – we can’t get enough of these leggings! 12 women with different heights, body types, and lifestyles tried HeyNuts leggings and are sharing our thoughts here…

While these were the clear winner or our recent Amazon legging comparison, see all that we tested & compared here!

25″ Inseam

Macy [4’11”, size XXS/XS or 000,00]

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with Side Pockets 25″

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with Side Pockets [true to size, wearing in XXS] // Half Zip // Boots

I’ve never really been a big leggings gal. I usually prefer joggers, but these changed my mind! They are so buttery soft and so comfortable. I recently traveled in them and loved them so much!

Hannah [5’2″, size XS/S or 0/2]

HeyNuts Essential Leggings with Side Pockets 25″

HeyNuts Essential Leggings with Side Pockets [true to size, wearing in Small] // Pullover [true to size, wearing in XS] // Longline Bralette [size up if in between, wearing in Small] // Sneakers

I didn’t understand the hype of these leggings but WOW do I love them! I’m constantly reaching for these and prefer them over all of the other brands I’ve tried! Between the buttery soft material, compression and how they smooth out all the lumps and bumps, these are the best!

Lisa [5’3″, size S/M or 6]

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with Side Pockets 25″

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with Side Pockets [size up if in between in this style, in color everglade green] // Workout Cami [size up] // Sneakers [true to size]

I love these leggings! My first pair ever and they are so soft and comfortable! I was so impressed with the compression aspect as well with the fabric as it helps smooth my cellulite (which is always a win! 🙌🏽 ) I love how the pockets are higher up in comparison to other leggings.  Working out in them they did not slip or fold over.  Highly recommend! Def will be buying more! 💛

Erin [5’4″, typically size S or 4]

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings 25″

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings [true to size, wearing in small] // Waffle Long Sleeve [true to size, wearing in small]

These have quickly become the ONLY pair of leggings that I reach for in my closet anymore [yes, even over the expensive brands]! I love the way they fit, feel, look, and stay put on my banana shape! I’ve worn them wash after wash [note: I do air dry] and they have stayed looking brand new!

Steph [5’4″, size M/L or 10/12]

HeyNuts Workout Pro 7/8 Leggings 25″

HeyNuts Workout Pro 7/8 Leggings [size up if between, see below for details] // Sweater [true to size, wearing in M] // Shoes [true to size, wearing in white/grey/black]

At first I ordered these leggings in size Medium, which would be my typical size in most leggings brands – but they were rolling off me so fast and it was driving me nuts! I was ready to say they were a fail, but Lauren on the team mentioned that she had a similar issue and sized up then didn’t have trouble. When Lauren gives me advice, I usually take it (the girl knows what she’s talking about)! I ordered them in a Large and what do you know, they actually stay on my body! I do find the top band rolling just a hair, but they aren’t rolling all the way down by any means, and I don’t find myself adjusting them hardly at all. The softness factor will keep me wearing the size large of these over and over!

Lauren [5’6″, typically size M/L or 8/10]

Hey Nuts Essential 7/8 Leggings 25″

Hey Nuts Essential 7/8 Leggings 25″ [wearing in size Large] // Vuori Energy Tee [wearing in large] // Sneakers [true to size] // similar bag // similar hat

I get it… another pair of black leggings. But these are goooood. I’ve had them for well over a year and they have held up fantastic [no pilling in the crotch, ya feel me?], and they stay up during workin’ out or workin’ from home! I have tried both medium and large, and found that the mediums roll on me and the larges stay up!

Skye [5’4″, size L or 12]

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with Side Pockets 25″

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with Side Pockets [true to size] // Sweater [wearing XL but could do a L, runs big!] // Shoes [true to size]

Black leggings are a staple in my wardrobe – I wear them everywhere! To work, baseball practice, walking the dog, lounging around the house, cleaning, working out… they’re a go to. They must be durable, comfortable, stay put, and repel dog hair. (Aussies omgoodness) These check all those boxes AND they hold my phone. They also pass the squat test which is a huge bonus! 5/5 for sure! Wearing in my true size (L for size 12)

Debbie [5’5″, size small or 4]

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with Pockets 25″

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with Pockets [size up, wearing medium in color sapphire blue] // Similar Top

Just did some Pilates in these super soft Amazon leggings. They stayed in place the whole time! No pulling or tugging. I did size up one to a medium. I love the pockets on the sides! I’m 5’5” 135 lbs.

28″ Inseam

Katy [5’4″, size XS/S or 2]

HeyNuts Yoga Pro Leggings 28″

HeyNuts Yoga Pro Leggings [true to size] // Top [size up] // Sneakers [size up if in between]

I loved this yoga pro version of the HeyNuts leggings! They have such a buttery feel and these are a more lightweight material, but also felt very smoothing on! Workout approved and no issues with rolling. These also are great for lounging! Now I understand the love for these leggings!

HeyNuts Workout Pro Leggings 28″

HeyNuts Workout Pro Leggings [true to size] // Sneakers [true to size] // Sweater [true to size for oversized fit]

These are a bit of a thicker material than the yoga pro version, but also felt great on! These also did a roll some on me compared to the yoga pro’s but nothing crazy. These are great for working out and feel very high end!

Claire [5’5″, size M/L or 8/10]

HeyNuts Essential Leggings 28″

HeyNuts Essential Leggings [TTS, wearing size Medium in Sage Grey] // Top [runs large, size down if in between wearing Medium] // Sneakers

I’ve tried a LOT of Amazon leggings, and these are my favorite! I own them in three colors, and actually find myself reaching for them over my Lululemon leggings. They’ve held up well after washing [I hang mine to dry!] and are perfect for both working out and lounging!

Jen [Height: 5’7”, size M or 6/8]

HeyNuts Yoga Pro Leggings 28”

HeyNuts Yoga Pro Leggings 28” [size up one, wearing Large]

From the yoga mat to lounging, I have to say this Yoga Pro pair from HeyNuts is a true gem of a find! I’ve tried the HeyNut Essentials and they rolled on me! I wanted something with a higher waist for my yoga workouts and this was a winner! I did size up to a large, and I am happy with the fit!

Devon [5’8″, size S or 2]

HeyNuts Essential Leggings 28″

HeyNuts Essential Leggings [true to size, wearing in S] // Vest [true to size, wearing S] // Undershirt [size up if in between, wearing S]

I recently participated in an Amazon Legging Comparison and HeyNuts was my overall winner! The full length is perfect for my height at 5’8”. They are smooth, they stay in place and they are thick enough to not show every little thing when running. Love these for lounge, running, HIIT and everything in between. I have washed these a LOT and they’ve held up very well. These are the first leggings I reach for in my closet!

Ashley [5’8″, size medium or 4]

HeyNuts Essential Leggings 28″

HeyNuts Essential Leggings [wearing medium dark olive] // Similar Tank // Similar Shoes [I customized mine]

So, finally checking out HeyNuts leggings & here’s what I think of them…

I wear 5-7 pairs of leggings per week these days 🥴 I wore this pair for an intense glute/hamstring workout. My first impression was that they are super smooth/soft material. I really like the matte sheen of the fabric. Once on, they are very movable, breathable, & stayed in place pretty well. My one negative gripe is that they rolled slightly with almost every rep so I did have to adjust the waist over and over again. Overall, I think they are great quality for the price point & that I would be happy wearing them for a less grueling gym day or lounging/running errands/traveling. 4.5 stars ⭐️ I went with the medium as usual but wonder if a small would have prevented the rolling…the medium seemed to fit perfectly, though. I love the olive color! My new fave neutral.

Allison [6′, size medium or 10]

HeyNuts Essential Leggings 28″

HeyNuts Essential Leggings [true to size, wearing medium] // Sneakers [true to size]

Allison here! Loving these HeyNuts leggings! They are super soft, but hold in that jiggle;)! The 28” inseam was right at ankle length for my 6 foot frame, which is perfect! The high waist didn’t slip or roll down at all during my hour workout class, and the best part is, the price point is amazing!
P.S. The inside pocket is big enough to hold my cell phone, total bonus!!

31″ Inseam

Heather [6′, size small or 4]

HeyNuts Essential Leggings 31″

HeyNuts Essential Leggings 31″ [size up, wearing medium tall] // Top [true to size, wearing small] // Sneakers [true to size] // Sneakers [more sizes]

Tall girls grab yourselves these HeyNuts leggings as they feel like butter and come in a 31” inseam! I sized up to a Medium (I wear a 6 in Lulu Aligns) and they fit great. These are great for casual outfits, low impact workouts and lounging! They are a great option for a low impact barre workout and walking, but when I put them to the Peloton test they didn’t stay put. I found myself pulling them up a few times and I like my workout leggings to be high and tight! I’m curious to try the sport version of these!

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