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What We’re Keeping & Leaving in 2023

December 27, 2023


Team LIY

2023 has been filled with amazing moments and maybe some great habits and choices you’d like to take into the new year! HOWEVER maybe there are a few things you’d like to leave behind (negative self talk, non-clean beauty products, a hair color….could be big or small!) We hope this year was filled with lots of laughs, growth, and magical memories. If it wasn’t your favorite year, then know that a fresh start is on it’s way 💫

Here’s what we are hoping to bring into 2024 and hoping to leave in 2023…

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What I’m keeping…

The baby in my stomach 😉 Embracing every new season. Therapy. Intentional time with Shawn, friends, and family. Rest. Faith over Fear. As many walks as possible. Speaking in kindness and love.

What I’m leaving…

Clutter. Feeling responsible for other’s emotions. Excuses. Clothes that are too tight 🤣


What I’m keeping…

Prioritizing my mental health. Staying hydrated. Family games several nights a week. Reading before bed. Trying new and fun things outside of my comfort zone. Making at home lattes.

What I’m leaving…

Refusing to allow myself dedicated time for my physical health. Feeling guilty or responsible for things that aren’t mine to hold.

Let’s be honest – these things I want to leave behind.. they’re long term projects and I’m not going to act like they’ll be easy. BUT I did make some great changes in 2023 and with these new healthier habits, I’m excited to continue growing and working towards new ones!


What I’m keeping…

Moving my body. More books than tv. Prioritizing date nights. Outside > inside. More whole foods. Embracing each stage with my kids.

What I’m leaving…

Looking to the future verses being in the moment. [Frequent] evening nightcaps. Instant gratification.


What I’m keeping…

To be present and in the moment. Morning workouts. Therapy and prioritizing my mental health. Having fun. Supporting and helping others. Setting healthy boundaries

What I’m leaving…

Rushing. People pleasing. Taking on too much. Comparison and negative self talk.


What I’m keeping…

Making exercise a part of my daily schedule. Reading > Netflix. Self love. Prioritizing girls nights; belly laughing is so good for the soul!

What I’m leaving…

Negative self talk. Procrastinating laundry day [truly, it’s out of control!]. Overconsumption – WHY do we have so much stuff?! This is my year of minimalism. Alcohol. Dry January: here I come!


What I’m keeping…

Quality time with family.  Midday walks with my husband. Morning workouts with friends.  Coffee dates.  More family dinners at the table. Prioritizing my mental health.

What I’m leaving…

Negative self talk.  Setting unrealistic expectations.  Over-scheduling myself and the family.

In 2024, I really want to keep things that give me energy and leave things that drain me!


What I’m keeping…

Moving my body and listening to it! Do I want the cookie? OKAY – enjoy it! Am I feeling sluggish? OKAY, maybe you need to get the blood flowing! Embracing the season of life I’m in now [even if it means putting some things on the back burner], making space for intentional and quality time, looking for joy in the little moments.

What I’m leaving…

Negative self talk, people pleasing, putting pressure on myself to show up in ways that don’t serve me, the need to check off my to-do list [ahhh it will be there tomorrow].

In 2024 I hope to continue on the journey of finding my true, authentic self! I also hope to do things that fuel my soul so that I can show up as the best version of my myself and in turn that will help me show up the best I can for those around me!


What I’m keeping…

Putting God and family first. Staying hydrated. Home cooked meals for my family. Nightly dinners together as a family. Checking up on friends. Contentment – I recently turned 30 and have felt so much contentment over this next year. Just overwhelming grateful for all God has blessed me with.

What I’m leaving…

Procrastinating. Going to bed late. Not being present. Overthinking. Taking on more than I can handle.


What I’m keeping…

Moving my body daily, Staying positive, Family first, Whole30 for a month, Good friends, Supporting others, Drinking H20.

What I’m leaving…

Negative thoughts, Fear of the unknown, People who drain me, Neglecting my health, People pleasing, Excuses.

LIY Ambassadors


What I’m keeping…

I recently deleted the Instagram app off my phone (I know, I know… seems crazy) but TRULY I have had so much more mental capacity to get things done, both at home and at work, and I don’t feel nearly as exhausted, drained, and overwhelmed with things. So, for the time being, I’m going to leave that behind in 2023! I might pick it back up again, but I really don’t even miss it right now!

What I’m leaving…

I am bringing with me the habit of a daily walk, no matter what else is going on! Getting outdoors, rain or shine, for a quick walk has been so refreshing these past few months, especially since I’ve been recovering from a broken ankle. I don’t want to take for granted being able to just move around, so I’m going to keep that habit up and keep my feet moving!


What I’m keeping and leaving…

What I’m keeping and leaving from 2023 – every year I pick a word for the year; not a resolution; a word I can reflect on daily that gives me that little reminder of encouragement and reflection.  2023 I picked ‘intentional’ and I daily took that word to heart.  (Made a bracelet and wore it every day). In 2023 I intentionally set out to be the best version of myself with setting healthy goals, while intentionally also working hard to get rid of the negative self talk that is nonstop in my brain if healthy goals were skipped or not met.  I intentionally worked hard to change jobs, and while I am so thankful that I was able to get a new job, I have been intentionally working hard to show my worth, while intentionally working to stop second guessing my worth. 2023 I also intentionally allowed peace in the storms when typically in the past I would be caught up in the middle and add more than need to be; I intentionally worked very hard to calm those storms.  I intentionally took care of my mental health, I intentionally was more present with my family and also intentionally made myself more aware of spending habits and finances. 2023 had ups and downs, and I intentionally was so grateful to learn from mistakes and grow in grace.

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