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December Amazon Finds

December 6, 2023


Team LIY

OHHHH the weather outside is frightfulllll, but these Amazon finds sure aren’t 🤣

Whew! First it was Amazon Prime Day [and another Prime Day 🤪] then it was Black Friday and Cyber Monday [which, in case you didn’t notice, they lasted a solid week this year]. And now we’re diving head first into the final holiday stretch. Anyone else feeling like they might shop till they truly drop this year? But even as we start to feel the shopping exhaustion set in, we stumble upon what other than several new Amazon items and we’re right back on our feet, ready to see what they can do! That’s Amazon for ya! Always bringing you the “I didn’t know I needed thats.”

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Erin’s Swim Coverup

Coverup [true to size]

The coverup I took on our recent vacay! 👙 I just got this one from Amazon and absolutely love it! The green is 💚 I did size up to a medium, but I would say true to size! 

Erin’s Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt [true to size, wearing small] // Leggings [true to size, wearing small] // Sneakers [size up .5]

Do you know when you open something for the first time and it looks like a wrinkled mess and you think “oh this is for sure going back” but then you spend a few minutes with a steamer, try it on and think “oh, I am for sure keeping this” — well, this was one of those. An immediate return turned into an immediate keep! I’m loving this new Amazon sweatshirt with the drawstring waist and raw edge details! True to size, wearing in small!

Erin’s Vest

Vest [true to size, wearing small] // Leggings [true to size, wearing small] // Sneakers [true to size]

Claire’s Amazon Coat

Coat [fits oversized, wearing medium] // Half Zip Sweatshirt [size up, wearing large] // Leggings [TTS, wearing Medium] // Sneakers [true to size]

Claire’s Colorblock Crew Neck

Sweater [true to size, wearing medium] // Denim // Mules OOS

Claire’s Hooded Sweater

Sweater [True to size, wearing large] // Denim // Boots

Claire’s Cable Knit Sweater

Sweater [TTS, wearing medium]

Katy’s Sweater [5’4″, typically size XS or 2]

Sweater [true to size] // Leggings [size up 1, code LIYXSPANX for 10% off] // Boots [size up if in between]

I am not kidding when I tell you this sweater feels like a luxury brand 👀 but spoiler alert it’s under $30 👏 It has the perfect amount of softness and stretch – I will be living in this one this Fall/Winter! Wearing color sky blue and I am 5’4″ for reference.

Lauren’s Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt [sized up, wearing in large in bright pink] // Leggings [true to size]

Hannah’s Ankle Socks

Hue Ankle Socks

Lauren’s Tunic Sweater

Tunic Sweater [oversized, wearing in medium in white] // Leggings [true to size // Boots [true to size]

Lauren’s Sweater

Sweater [oversized, wearing medium in HotPink] // // Leggings [true to size // Boots [true to size]

Lauren’s Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress [wearing in large, probably could have done medium] // Boots [true to size]

Jen’s Lace Bodysuit

Bodysuit [true to size, wearing M] // Black Pants [ true to size] // Similar Booties [true to size]

Lisa’s Vest & Bodysuit

Bodysuit [size up] // Vest [size up] // Joggers // Similar Shoes

Ashley’s Boots

Boots [true to size]


Lauren’s Natural Face Wipes

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipe

After using these for 3 days, I went back and signed up for subscribe and save so I never run out! Confession: I’m not big into washing my face at night, but I am big into face wipes – these ones are made with clean ingredients [anyone else on the “crunchy/scrunchy” train right now?] and are great for travel or after the gym!

Skye’s Heatless Curlers

Heatless Curlers // Satin Bonnet [slept with this on over all of it] // Velcro Rollers // Volume Mousse // Hair Spray

To say that I was skeptical about a heatless curler situation would be an understatement… but I am honestly SHOCKED at how well it worked!!

I just wanted to try something new on my hair and I have to admit that I am truly shook at how well this heatless curler worked! It took a couple of tries to get it wrapped correctly (TIP: don’t twist the curler as you go, which is the main culprit!) but once I felt it was secure enough, I slept in it overnight and voila – gorgeous, shiny, bouncy curls! It is a win for me!

Jen’s IGK Antisocial Dry Mask

IGK Antisocial Dry Mask

Hannah on the team turned me onto this IGK brand and I’m in LOVE! I’ve tried their dry shampoo and now this Antisocial and am going back for the Beach Club Texture spray! Pretty soon IGK is all I’ll be using in the bathroom and on my hair… and I think I’m ok with that!! It’s amazing product!


Katy’s Outdoor Light’s Timer

Outdoor Mechanical Timer

Something I never knew I needed…but now I don’t want to live without! If you’re like me or my husband you either forget to go unplug the Christmas lights outside or you dread going out in the cold at night – NOT TODAY Y’ALL! This outdoor outlet timer swoops in to save the day [and the electricity bill 🔆]

Katy’s Baby Hatch Rest

Hatch Rest

There’s a reason this has almost 39,000 reviews! This Hatch Rest has been perfect for Denver’s [aka my 1 year old] room and sleep thanks to the custom night light and sound machine options – all controlled from bluetooth! PLUS, once he’s a bit older we can use the timer feature for time to rise / time for bed.

Lauren’s Candle Warmer Lamp

Candle Warmer

Say goodbye to the days of forgetting if you blew out the candle! With this candle warmer lamp you get the smell of the burning candle’s scent without the actual burning flame! Plus it looks pretty!

Hannah’s Bamboo Cutting Boards

Cutting Board Set

Gone are the gross, plastic cutting boards hellllllo cute bamboo set!

Jen’s Deviled Egg Tray

Deviled Egg Tray

Simple & pretty.. that’s basically all I look for when it comes to serving trays! This deviled egg tray is one I will use every time I’m hosting and bringing deviled eggs to a party!

Allison’s Plastic Plates & Silverware

Black Plastic Plates // Gold Plastic Silverware


Erin’s Suction Insulated Cup

Suction Insulated Cup

The best gift for any boater/water lover in your life! We are using these Toadfish insulated cups this week on the catamaran and they suction to any surface making them safe and sturdy as you cruise along! Highly recommend!

ps. For picking up, simply pick up straight from the top – we learned this after trying to rock ’em side to side, that straight up is the easiest!

Lauren’s Pressurized Steam Cleaner

Pressurized Steam Cleaner

Grout, car cupholders, windows and door cracks, ovens? The places that are impossible to clean just became a whooooole lot easier with this handheld pressurized steam cleaner! Heat it up and fire away, then just wipe the residue away!

Lauren’s Natural Laundry Detergent

Truly Free Natural Laundry Detergent

I’m on the “scrunchy” train – meaning, trying to find less toxic ingredients for our home and lifestyle – and that includes our laundry detergent! This one came highly recommended, and so far, I’m loving it! It has a subtle scent without being overwhelming, and it seems to really clean our clothes too!

Lauren’s Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

We’ve all been there…. the scent… it’s the garbage disposal! I’ve used a lot of these garbage disposal cleaners, and I feel like this one really works! Some of them just add a lemon scent to cover what’s going on – this one truly seems to make the grime go away! Turn on hot water, turn on the garbage disposal, drop it in, let it foam up, rinse it away! Voila! Clean!

Waterproofing Boot Spray

Waterproofing Protectant Spray // Why We Loved It

Devon’s Rug Grippers

Rug Grippers / Rug

These rug grippers are a team favorite. After getting a new rug for our kitchen, I decided to order them. They are user-friendly and keep the rug in place!

Devon’s Propane Heater

Propane Heater

This heater has changed the game for winter! I love spending time outside, but I can’t withstand the temps as well as my kids can. This powerful guy can reach to the edge of the patio, keeping everyone warm while enjoying the fresh air!

Hannah’s Fabric Shaver

Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

Anyone else pull out their favorite sweaters or coats only to realize how bad they look…. This rechargeable fabric shaver has been a game changer to clean up some of my favorite Fall and Winter pieces and I don’t feel like I have to replace them!!

Hannah’s Light Up Letter

Light Up Letter

The most fun teen/tween gift idea!! My daughter has been asking for one of these and she’ll be one happy girl! I love that the remote control adjusts the brightness, color and speed of the light change! And it’s under $20!!

Jen’s Desk Light

Desk Light // Wallpaper // Disco Plant Holder // Planner

I’ve been on the hunt for a desk light that hangs overhead – but didn’t want any wires attached to it! This little fella did the trick! It holds a great charge and provides me light when I need it! It also comes with a remote too!

Jen’s Mrs. Myers Snowdrop 3-Pack

Mrs. Myers Snowdrop 3-Pack

This scent will instantly get you in the festive mood. Dare I say, it’s my favorite one?! Here I thought Acorn was the winner… but holy snowdrop – take me away to winter wonderland!

Steph’s Foldable Insulated Grocery Bag

Foldable Insulated Grocery Bag

I’ve been using these Foldable Insulated Grocery Bags for a couple of months now and I’m here to say – they keep my cold things cold for so long, making it comfortable for me to make the 40 or so minute drive back from Costco, or make another quick stop after the grocery store. They fold so flat and are easy to store in my trunk without taking up tons of space, and have been great for Aldi runs as well!

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