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The Best Waterproofing Sprays for Your Boots

November 29, 2023


Team LIY

Boots were made for walking, but if you live up north, sometimes that means walking through snow, salt, and slush. And if you splurged on a pair of Uggs this year [or are still rockin’ the same pair from 2008 – no judgement here, they truly never go out of style!] chances are, you’ll want to keep them protected so they stay in good shape for years to come! So which waterproof sprays can you trust to actually keep your beloved boots safe this season? That’s where we come in!

We tested several of the top rated leather & suede protectants on the internet and put them to the test. After treating the boots and letting them dry, we put them to the ultimate test… by dumping a pitcher of saltwater on them. Tragic, but effective. Here’s how it went!

The Brands We Tested

The Results

Best Overall

Reshoevn8r Premium Shoe Water & Stain Repellant

Was this the most expensive of the sprays we tested? Yes. Did it work the best? Also yes. Not only did it offer the best water repelling protection, we loved that it only requires 15 minutes of dry time after treating. So you can spray, then get your booties rockin’ everywhere lickity-split!

Best Budget-Friendly Brand

Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck protector

While Scotchgard wasn’t our favorite overall, it’s a great budget friendly choice that’ll get the job done. If you’re treating several pairs of shoes this season and need to buy protectant by the boatload, this is the way to go. Full disclosure; the can we received was a bit leaky, so be sure to treat your boots outside in a well ventilated space. The can was prone to dripping, so hold your boots in front of you while spraying, not straight down.

The Best Eco-Conscious Brand

Jason Markk Repel

This shoe protectant checks all the eco-friendly boxes, which is something we can totally stand behind [err, stand in? Stand on?] 😉 We love the eco-friendly, non-aersol can + it’s VOC free, does not contain PFOA PFAS or PFC (forever chemicals). The applicator is reusable and you can find refills here. Because less plastic in landfills is always a win! Bonus: the propellent free applicator dispenses a continuous mist that covers large areas quickly and evenly.

Not Worth Your Money

Crep Protect

While this product has over 14,000+ great reviews on Amazon, it ranked lowest in our testing process. It immediately showed wet spots on the boots and left watermarks even several days after drying. It may work better on leather or sneakers, but if you plan to treat suede or Ugg style boots, do yourself [and your boots!] a favor and walk the other way!

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