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Sliding Into Summer [Shoe Style]

June 8, 2023


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to SOREL and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, worn, and loved by yours truly.

I am not a good secret keeper. I’ve tried to get better at it in my older age, but the problem is if the secret has any ounce of excitement involved at all, well, I want to tell everybody. In today’s case, it’s the secret [or maybe not so secretive] tale of SOREL sandals. Please tell me that by now you have tried a pair. And if you haven’t, allow me to tell you why you should.

You may recall last month when I let you in on this [not so] secret of mine sharing two styles that I can’t get enough of. Well, it turns out that I am also not good at having self-control [note to self: you have a lot of work to do on yourself, Erin]. After falling in love with those two styles [the VIIBE Twist Slide Sandal still ranks very high on my list], I scoured the SOREL site and found even more sandal styles to put to the test and well, here we are.

Let’s flip [and flop] right that way.

If you’re looking for a traditional style to slide into, look no further. There is no easier style to style than the Ella II Easy Flip Sandal. I always appreciate the extra flip support the middle-toe thong piece provides [and the comfort of knowing they are going to stay on and not go flying off as you’re running to cross the street – been there, done that]!

Ella II Easy Flip Sandal [true to size]

Now let’s get a little puffy with things. I’m talking about sliding right into the Ella II Puff Sandal. This style is timeless and classic yet relevant and trendy and will go with any outfit in your closet. This is a sandal you can put to the “wear ’em all day” test and know it’s going to come out as the teacher’s pet, straight A student.

Tell me these don’t look like the picture-perfect pair of comfortable sandals for summer. I can feel the supportive squishiness through the screen.

Ella II Puff Slide Sandal [true to size]

So now that we got that secret off my chest, what else was it you wanted to share with me? I promise I won’t tell the entire internet this time 😉

And for a few additional summer favorites, slide your feet right this way….

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