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Summer Days with Vuori DreamKnit Collection

May 17, 2023


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Vuori and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, worn, and loved by yours truly. 

Oh Summer days, I see you! Am I ready for you? I am! Thankfully I’ve been pretty consistent in my morning routines which offers me the extra boost of confidence that my days will remain running smooth, just like my legs[once I shave them ;)] Another morning mood lifter is knowing what I’m going to wear for the day. When it comes to Summer days, it’s usually two choices – so not much to stress about thankfully! You’ll either find me in a swimsuit or a very comfy look. That’s where my all-time superstar Vuori Dreamknit pieces come into play!

Speaking of, here’s a glimpse into my days and how the Vuori Dreamknit Collection comes in clutch for all day play!

  • 7am [decaf] coffee
  • 8am journal & mindset for the day
  • 9am-12pm crush that to-do list
  • Lunch/Reset
  • 1pm-5pm keep workin’ girl!
  • 5:30pm move that body
  • 6pm feed me
  • Wind Down/Sleep

Why Vuori? It’s simple honestly! Every piece is designed with movement in mind, BUT doesn’t look or feel like it, that’s the best part! You’ll never want to take it off, that’s my favorite part! Created for running, training, and yoga; but also great for travel, lounging, and weekend errands. Now what is this Summer Dreamknit Collection I speak of today? It’s a dream you’ll never want to wake up from. It is made from 89% recycled materials and the moisture wicking fabric is essential for warm days …..making all these pieces I’m wearing and showing in today’s post perfect for those Summer days that are full of coffee, work, walks & talks and workouts!

From morning to night, Vuori has you covered! Come along and see how I move through my day in comfort …

Long-Sleeve Halo Crew • vuori [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Halo Boxy Short • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

Pssst Vuori’s newest summer color Sawyer Heather is here! These shorts remind me of a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone dipped in sawyer heather “chocolate” – oh and save yourself the trouble, make it a double – grab two pairs! They really are a treat to wear on a warm Summer day that pairs perfectly with the buttery soft halo crew!

Halo Essential Tank • vuori [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Performance Jogger • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

Setting an intention for your day, 5 minutes to journal or reading a motivating book has worked wonders in my days. It’s a simple task to compete, however making it a priority or setting it into your routine can be challenging. So today I challenge you each to give it a try! Just choose one to start and try it for a week! Maybe set yourself an alarm to get the ball rolling!

Halo Essential Tank • vuori [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Performance Jogger • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

“Ay, feeling good, like I should” – name that song! I’m ready to tackle the Summer day ahead! It’s time to get some work done and there is no other way do it then in the softest premium stretch fabric, thank you DreamKnit! Also, joggers are the life of the party, am I right?  I’m in absolute LOVE with Vuori joggers. They are slim but offer a relaxed fit with a slightly cropped leg, side pockets and a drawstring – ps. in the most epic softest fabric ever made!

Halo Essential Tank • vuori [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Performance Jogger • vuori [true to size, wearing in small] // Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0 • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0 • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

It’s finally time to toss on that hoodie, we’ve got to move our body! Work is done and I’ve loved working into my day a workout transition! Hear me out, once you’ve shut your laptop or clocked out – hit the treadmill or grab the pups for a walk outside! It’s a wonderful way to unwind from your day and a nice way to roll into your evening! I’ve enjoyed doing this as before I would shut the laptop and rush to making dinner… but taking 30 minutes to move your body before tackling another “to-do” is just straight up refreshing.

Welp my friends, one day down.. only a few more to go until the weekend! Thanks for spending a day with me and I hope you are leaving with some Summer must have pieces from Vuori along with some helpful tips from yours truly!

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