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5 Things I’ve Learned as a Mom

April 26, 2023


Hannah Campbell

Disclosure: Thank you to Vuori and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected by me!

Hi everyone, Hannah here, Fashion & Design Specialist at Living in Yellow! I’m a wife and mom of two busy kids and always on the go! I’m back sharing my NEW favorite pieces from Vuori and sharing 5 things I’ve learned, the last 9 years, as a mom! But before we get into all of that, let’s chat about the internet trending brand, Vuori. It’s been almost a year since I tried my first pieces and I’m constantly blown away by the quality, material and comfort of them. Their newest DreamKnit material is heavenly and after slipping the Halo Essential Dress on, I had no plans of taking it off! AND the Villa shorts are beyond; so comfortable, moisture wicking, incredible material and pockets that don’t add bulk to your side [that’s a HUGE win in my book]!! These pieces have become staples in my wardrobe over the last year because of how easy they are to wear and move with me throughout my busy day! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I would send a little hint their way. Or maybe you’re in need of a gift for the Mom in your life! You can never have too many Vuori pieces. 😉 Keep reading for a chance to win a $100 gift card for you or to gift to a mom in your life!

Daily Crop [Size down if in between, wearing in Small but could have worn an XS] // Villa Short [TTS, wearing in Small in Beach Sand]

5 Things I’ve learned as a Mom

No one can fully prepare you for the highs and lows of Motherhood. It’s messy, emotional, challenging, fun, hard, incredible and so many other things. But, what an incredibly rewarding title it is and one I don’t take for granted. Over the last 9 years of being a mom, here are 5 things [of the hundreds lol] I’ve learned.

  • Have FUN – I think as a parent it can be SO easy to fall into the rules, discipline and responsibilities you have. But, over the years I have loved those “fun” moments we’ve had. From the park to dancing outside in the rain. The giggles and memories are so worth the mess and the possible disruption in our day. Those are the memories I want to hold onto forever.
  • I’m not perfect and I say I’m sorry A LOT – I make mistakes, a lot. I raise my voice when I shouldn’t, react poorly and my emotions get the best of me at times. But, over the years I’ve learned how important saying I’m sorry to my kids is. Building their trust and showing them I don’t have it altogether and asking for forgiveness has been so amazing for our relationship.
  • Don’t forget who YOU are – This is one of the most challenging things to do. You’re a mom, wife, working full time, juggling a lot of different things, and it’s easy to forget yourself in the midst of it. It’s not selfish to take a minute, or five, or even a day for yourself to just be you and do the things you want to do. This has been one of the most challenging things for me, over the years, and I still have to remind myself.
  • Life will never be the same – You experience a love like no other. Between the hugs, giggles, “I love you’s” and tender moments mixed with the second guessing yourself on every decision you make for them. It’s so beautiful and stressful at the same time.
  • Try to be in the moment – Your life probably feels rushed and you’re pulled in a million directions, but time goes so fast! Take the pictures and the videos, watch them carefully, notice the changes and really soak up the moments you can.

Daily Crop [Size down if in between, wearing in Small but could have worn an XS] // Daily Legging [TTS, wearing in Small in Baltic]

Advice from our Community

“Cherish the moments NOW because soon they will be gone!! Doesn’t feel like it now but mine are basically gone now and it seemed so hectic in the moment that you lose focus and don’t cherish the times as much till they’re gone! Balance boundaries and freedom.” – Mary

“I try to always say goodbye and I love you when I leave them (at school, Sunday school, anytime) and even when it’s the worst day and I’m angry at them, I always (try) to give a hug and kiss and say goodnight when tucking them in.” Jessica

“I’ve learned to be a better listener. Kids want to be heard and feel understood. I learned this is especially important when we have any sort of conflict. I make sure that I hear them out before jumping to conclusions and it’s easier to talk it through calmly and redirect their behavior. Even when there is no conflict though, just being there to listen about their day and making that eye contact and connection I have found brings me a lot closer to them ❤️” – Amanda

THE DRESS Essential Dress [TTS, wearing in Small in Black Heather]

This Essential Dress is incredible!! I don’t wear dresses often but this one has a built in shelf bra with cups, the material has great stretch but holds it’s shape and it’s the perfect, cozy weight!

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