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Mercado Global

March 3, 2023


Erin Schrader

I’ve never been more excited to bring a product to you on International Women’s Day that depicts what this special day is all about. While it doesn’t take a special day out of the year to celebrate women, I am so glad that this day does exist to bring special attention to women not just in our own lives, but the power [and celebration] of women globally.

I recently had the experience of traveling to Guatemala with Liverpool Los Angeles and Mercado Global to meet Indigenous Guatemalan women who are pouring their talents and love into their artistry of weaving and manufacturing beautiful bags for other women to carry. I wish I could appropriately put into words what my time there was like, but the raw beauty of the moment was one I will never forget. To be in a country that has what so many of us in the states would consider so little [materially] but be surrounded by people who are so full of life, love, generosity, and joy was humbling and gratifying.

To celebrate this special day, Liverpool Los Angeles and Mercado Global teamed up to create an exclusive bag [and makeup clutch] that I am so excited about. After carrying both of these bags now for a couple of months, I can testify to their quality, versatility, and overall appreciation for every detail that is woven into these special bags. By purchasing either of the bags, you are helping support women entreprenuers, changing the course of life for themselves and their families. More information on just how you’re helping is below!

Let’s start with the tote – the Rosa Tote to be exact.

Flutter Sleeve Dress [true to size, wearing in small] // Rosa Tote

She is a must for many reasons, occassions, and seasons. I carried this bag the entire time we were in Guatemala and I love it for several reasons:

  1. It’s beautiful. I’m a big nautical girl so when I saw the design was a blue and white stripe with a pop of bright pink I knew I going to want to naturally carry it. If you’re anywhere near the water in the next six months, this bag will be your favorite companion!
  2. It is incredibly light. At one point in time, I believe I was carrying 5 water bottles, a jacket, snacks, and all of my regular purse necessities, and it hardly felt like I was carrying anything.
  3. It holds a lot. See comment above 😉 If you are a mom on the go who is constantly carrying things for several members in your family, this bag will definitely come in handy!
  4. You can shape it and style it several ways!
  5. It looks awesome against the stunning Guatemalan backdrop 😉

Fitted Blazer [true to size, wearing in small] // Double Flutter Sleeve Knit Top [true to size, wearing in small] // Christine Hi-Rise A-Line Fray Short [true to size, wearing in 2] // Rosa Tote

Cap Sleeve Raglan Top [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // Crop Straight With Cut Hem [true to size, wearing in 4] // Rosa Tote

Next up, the Cristina Zip Pouch. This is an awesome bag to use either for makeup, wet swimsuits, or if you’re like me – an everyday clutch to dress up any outfit. It does have a waterproof lining on the inside, full zip closure, and can hold a decent amount! It’s the perfect travel mate to the Rosa Tote or can be gifted as a great gift for a girlfriend, sister, teacher, Mother, etc!

Oversized Classic Button Down [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // Marley Girlfriend Cuffed Eco [true to size, wearing in 2] // Cristina Zip Pouch

Purchase both bags [and some of these cute outfits!] here!


Until learning more about this collaboration with Liverpool Los Angeles, I was vaguely aware of Mercado Global [mostly because I was eyeing one of their cute bags at a boutique], so it wasn’t until I traveled to Guatemala and met the team that I fully understood the work they are doing.

For a full understanding of Mercado Global and how they are helping change the lives of Indigenous women in Central America, see this blog post we published answering all sorts of frequently asked questions!

Mercado Global provides tools for women in Central America, allowing them to own their own businesses and earn 2-3 times more per day than what the standard job for women in this country would typically make. In addition, Mercado Global provides training and education on a wide range of things including, nutrition, leadership, business development, finances, and entrepreneurship, amongst others. These classes provide the women with the knowledge they need to create their own local businesses and run them successfully.

While I was in Guatemala, I was able to spend time with several of the artisans, watch them work [it’s such an art], eat meals with them, meet their children, and listen to them speak with such confidence and pride about what they are doing and how working with Mercado Global has provided a life for them and their families that they didn’t know was possible. Here are a few snapshots from my time there. They were kind enough to try to train me at the loom, however, I have no business behind that thing and quickly broke the loom [🙈]. Don’t worry, I had zero part in the making of the bags you can buy 😉

Thank you for considering supporting this special project that I simply have the benefit of sharing with all of you. While LIY had no involvement in the collaboration or design, the opportunity we were given to experience seeing this collaboration in the works was a gift of a lifetime. Now this is what International Women’s Day is all about..

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