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The Best Things On Amazon Right Now

February 7, 2023


Team LIY

Ring, ring, Amazon’s at the door! No surprise here, Amazon has been delivering again and again, helping us spruce up our homes, our wardrobes, and our organization game! Take a look at what we found this month on Amazon that we’re calling a win! PS if you haven’t joined the 200K+ other Amazon fanatics in our LIY Finds and Fails Facebook Group, you’re going to want to check out the fun!

Amazon Fashion

Erin’s Shorts & Sweatshirt

Lulu-Look-Alike Amazon Sweatshirt [true to size, I sized up to a medium but could do a small] // Amazon Shorts [Sized up to medium for a little more relaxed fit] // Sneakers [true to size]

Erin’s Swimsuit

Swimsuit [true to size, wearing in medium]

Out of the 283,722 swimsuits I’ve ordered recently to try [it’s somewhere around that number πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ] this is one from Amazon I’m actually keeping! Being large chested it is so freaking hard to find something that covers enough – I love this snap top with the little tied look! High-waisted bottoms don’t hurt either πŸ˜‰

Erin’s Dress

Dress [true to size, wearing in small] // Heels [true to size, wearing in cafe]

I love when Amazon dresses turn out to be a success πŸ‘πŸ» This under $40 option was just packed in my luggage for our cruise — she’s an easy one to throw on and feel put together! Lots of colors available!

Lauren’s 1/4 Zip Sweater

1/4 Zip Sweater

This sweater has been taking over the internet this season, and I absolutely LOVE it! I went for a light blue, in hopes that I can keep wearing it on cooler days this spring with shorts or white denim [hello, living in Michigan we can get still get cold days through May and even June!].

Lauren’s Rattan Hoop Earrings

Rattan Hoop Earrings

Bring on the beach! I love a rattan earring for the spring and summer [or beach vacay], because they quickly give any outfit a bit more vacay vibes! BONUS: They’re under $10!

Lauren’s Puff Sleeve Top

Top [sized up to a large] // Belt 3-pack [size up one, wearing in large] // Similar Jeans [size down one] // Heels [true to size]

Winter date night ready. I’m always looking for new tops to add a little something to the dressed up for winter look, and this Amazon top was it! I love the statement sleeves and tie back! Plus, it comes in tons of colors! 

Katy’s Puffer Vest

Puffer Vest [true to size] // Left Outfit // Right Outfit

Can you tell that I have been shopping TikTok Fashion trends during my maternity leave? πŸ€£ OKAY THOUGH this Amazon puffer vest is trending for a reason! So cute!! Wanted to show 2 ways I styled it here! 

Katy’s Comfy Set

Sweatshirt [size up if in between] // Sweatpants [size up if in between] // Sneakers [size down .5] // My New fav claw clips

As a new Mom I need “I’m comfy but I am trying to look like I have my life together somewhat πŸ€£” so I have been on the hunt for some cute, matching sets! This one is SoOoO soft and comfortable. The material feels like it would cost 3x as much! These are actually sold separately, so you could do one or the other if you don’t want/need both! My one complaint: the thick pocket material πŸ˜ p.s. I don’t actually even know my true size anymore LOL but I would say size up if in between on both! 

Katy’s Puff Sleeve Turtleneck

Top [size up if in between] // Jeans [size down if in between] // Boots [true to size]

Not usually a big puff sleeve person, but this lightweight long sleeve is super soft and comfy and the puff adds an elevated look! Turtlenecks are so trendy right now too! Layer with a vest, oversized sweatshirt, or blazer!

Claire’s Spring Dresses

Left Floral Maxi [5’5″ TTS, wearing medium] / Center Floral Halter [5’5″ TTS, wearing medium] / Right Floral Maxi [5’5″ TTS, wearing medium] / Sandals / Fav Strapless Bra

Amazon Home

Lauren’s Tablecloth

Linen Tablecloth // Vase // Flowers

Our dining room table is a hand-me down piece, which we are so thankful for, BUT it is cream with a pink tinge to it. Until we are ready to refinish it, we’re going the table cloth route, and I just found another grey table cloth that I LOVE [first one I loved, here!]. It’s a lightweight linen material that has held up well in the wash, and a simple enough design that I can easily play with the full table setting for different holidays and seasons!

Lauren’s Rattan Boxes

Rattan Boxes with Glass Lids

I’d had my eye on these boxes for a long time and finally made them mine! They’re the perfect addition to our built in shelves, and can be used for storage too!

Lauren’s Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Organization

I was looking for a way to better organize my kids’ linen closet medicines, sunscreens, etc. and these pull out drawers have been great! I love that they don’t have a lid on top, because some of the products are taller, and with them being clear I can quickly see what I have and don’t have!

Jen’s Under Bed Storage

Under The Bed Storage -space saver!

Welp, my Summer clothes have been flighting with my Winter Clothes in my small closet… and I finally got smart and ordered these under the bed storage organizers! What a dream my closet is now(see below;))

Jen’s Small Closet Solution/Solution

Shoe Hanger Organizer // Sweater Organizer

I had no idea by adding two organizers to my closet, would create such difference to my closet! I actually enjoy my closet open now AND getting dressed for the day as I can easily see everything! Two other all star products I added to the small closet project are below! Keep scrolling πŸ˜‰

Jen’s Wonder Hanger

Wonder Hanger – These things are amazing!

I’m sorry, but do you SEE how many items I can hang on 1 of these suckers? Talk about HUGE space saver here! I absolutely love these!! They are a small closet dream, and I’m so happy I gave them a go!

Jen’s Velvet Hangers

Velvet Hangers

Move over classic plastic, the velvet hangers are coming in – and coming in HOT! I am so happy to have made the switch to these hangers! They hold my clothes better and I feel as though I can pack more items into my small closet just by using them as they seem to be slimmer than the classic plastic ones!

Hannah’s Olive Oil Dispenser

Olive Oil Dispenser

I think I’m obsessed with this olive oil dispenser [haha]. Having a normal Olive Oil bottle set out was about to give me hives and while storing it was fine, it was a pain to get to when I was cooking. This bottle is not only esthetically pleasing and goes well with my decor BUT it also pours the oil out nicely and I’m not accidentally using too much!

Claire’s Rug Grippers

Rug Grippers // Rug [machine washable!]

Dare I say the best $10 Amazon purchase I’ve ever made?! If you have dogs or a Roomba, rug grippers are a must! Bonus: they’re reusable and washable! Just peel, stick, and voila – no slip!

Amazon Miscellaneous

Erin’s Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I’ve been looking at ways to get more protein into my diet so after years of hearing about it, I finally tried Vital Proteins in my coffee for the first time [just one scoop gives me an extra 9g of protein to start my day]! I was worried that mixing this into my coffee would change the taste and texture but fortunately, with one scoop I haven’t noticed a difference! 

Jen’s Car Vent Air Freshener

Yankee Candle Car Vent Air Freshener Pink Sands

Truly this is all I have ever “clipped” in my car vent. Pink Sands It’s the absolute BEST! I can’t describe the scent, just think of your favorite tropical destination… and that’s it! Clip and Drift away πŸ˜‰

Steph’s 23andMe Kit

23andMe Kit

23andMe has been around for a long time, but what can I say – I’m always late to the party! I remember being in elementary school having a project where I needed to ask my parents about our heritage, and I was given a list of several European countries that were “likely” the correct answer. While that list very well may be affirmed with this test – we live in an age where technology can confirm what we think and I’m ready to give it a try! Who says my dog needs to be the only one to know where she comes from?

Steph’s New Family Game

Bamboozled Card + Dice Game

We love playing games as a family, but it was time to freshen up the supply after so many games being played on repeat during the holidays. With kids in our family ranging from age 8 – age 20, it can be a little tricky to find something that is at an appropriate skill and interest level for everyone. Enter Bamboozled! We’ve been playing this game non-stop since it arrived a few weeks ago! We’re currently playing on the “adjusted rules,” which is the same concept as the normal rules – it just takes out the step of bluffing about what is rolled on the dice. We’re all enjoying the adjusted game, but I think our younger kids will be ready to switch over to the traditional rules soon. It’s quick, and is a great mix of strategic thinking and luck. A great one to add to your collection!

Hannah’s Supplements

Lymphatic Support Drops + Ginger Root Pills

It’s that time of year where I’m trying to do ALL the things to be the healthiest version of myself and take all the things to re balance my system. I have been reading a lot of things about the Lymphatic massages, benefits of Ginger and Turmeric and so many more. After doing a little more digging I decided to try these two and I am definitely feeling better. Puffiness in my face has gone down, I feel less bloated, things seem to be working more properly and I feel an overall increase in mood! My sugar cravings have even subsided. I’ll definitely continue taking these!

Hannah’s Bed Sheet Tucker

Bed Sheet Tucker

I’m not going to lie, I thought this bed sheet tucker was going to be some game changing way to make our bed but it didn’t work super well for us…. I’m not sure if it’s because we use a fitted sheet on our box spring and the sheets are getting stuck or what, but it’s not helping a ton! I will say that when it doesn’t get stuck it works pretty well but I’m not sure I would rave about this! Maybe give it a shot if you want to try it!

Hannah’s Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

The Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Cleaner

I have heard SO many people rave about this cleaning spray and the over 17,000 perfect reviews instantly made me hit #addtocart! Not only does it smell amazing but I’m shocked at how well it works! We’ve used it in the Kitchen, bathroom and shower floors and works so well!! I also love that it’s Vegan and a safe cleaning product!

Macy’s Baby Seat

Folding Portable Baby Seat

We recently traveled to FL and I couldn’t be more thankful for this last minute purchase. From the condo to the beach to the pool, this seat came in so handy. Baby girl is on the MOVE and this portable chair kept her contained…at least for a little while. πŸ˜‰

Macy’s Baby Toy

Vegetable Pajamas // Baby Toy

One of my friends had this toy for her baby and Millie loved it so much I had to get one too!

Macy’s Freezable Lunch Box

Freezable Lunch Box

If you’re a breastfeeding mama you know how much breastmilk means to you. I recently traveled without my 9 month old and was so worried about how I would store my frozen milk. Thankfully this freezable lunch box saved my life! I just popped it in the freezer the night before my flight with an additional ice pack and it stayed frozen for 7 hours!Β 

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