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10 Simple Spring Home Decor Ideas

February 22, 2023


Team LIY

Spring is officially springing here at LIY! Nevermind the fact that the groundhog declared six more weeks of winter. We’ve got sunshine on the brain, buddy. While the warmer weather isn’t quite in full swing yet for those of us still here in Indiana, the LIY Team is determined to make our own sunshine (aside from Erin, who is currently soaking it up in the Sunshine State!). From coffee table updates to shelf styling, little sprouts of spring are beginning to blossom around our spaces. Today we’re sharing a look into our latest projects around the house and all the spring decor to go with it!

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Erin’s Shelf Refresh

After moving into our Florida home, these shelves in our bedroom sat empty for a solid 3..4..who’s counting [?!] weeks. After enough time of staring at a beautiful blank arch, I knew it was time to fill ’em up. With spring in mind, I hit up the aisles of Target and the internet aisles of Amazon to find decor on a budget. From these fun circle vases to this high-quality marble and gold chain link, I was able to find plenty of little items to style away. It now blends in with the rest of the bedroom well and the only left thing left to do is now fill up the other shelf on the opposite side of the wall 😉 Baby steps friends, baby steps.

Blue Vase // Marble Chain // Faux Books // Basket with Lid

Jen’s Spring Bathroom

Rug // Hand Soap // Hand Towels // Plant

Nothing brings me more joy than Spring decor! I have loved sprucing up my guest bathroom with some simple Spring touches! A simple way to add a touch of Spring in the bathroom are swapping out your hand soap with a new, seasonal scent! I went with daisy because all-be-darn, it smells delicious and brings a smile to my face! Don’t forget to add a little pop of life with Target’s $5 plant – I was very surprised by the quality, for $5? I’m going back for more!

Jen’s Spring Front Entry

Stripe Layering Rug [2’6″X4′] // “Hello” Doormat

Try walking up to my door and not smiling. You won’t be able to! I’m a huge fan of bright colors – they immediately welcome you home. Adding color to the front entry for Spring is a must for me! It’s a great reminder that Summer is just around the corner… or at least, it’s coming soon!

Lauren’s Spring Faux Florals

Faux Billy Button Flowers

Silk Poppies [in dark orange]

Vase // Faux Tulips [in white]

Claire’s Coffee Table Decor

Rattan Tray // Amber & Santal Candle // Similar Coasters // Handled Pitcher // Similar Faux Florals

Katy’s Tablescape

Faux Flowers // Vase // Woven Placemats // Checkered Napkins // Ceramic Bunnies // Similar Chairs // Similar table

Ahhhh Spring is my favorite season 🌼 One of my favorite ways to change up seasonal decor is with a tablescape! It’s somewhere that’s a centerpiece in the home and so easy to swap out. For my Spring decor I wanted to go more minimal with pops of color! These purple flowers and yellow checkered napkins bring the cheer and color while the vase and ceramic bunnies keep it more clean. I just added my everyday plates I already owned to the setting to make it feel complete!

Macy’s Faux Green Branches

Green Branches

So impressed at how real these branches look! Actually looks like I just clipped them off a tree outside. They are bringing so much life to my living room as I look outside to gray, gray and more gray.

Macy’s Blue Marble Bowl

Blue Marble Bowl

Spring is coming so I am slowly adding in color to my home decor. Typically I lean towards neutrals but with the warmer temps coming I feel myself gravitating more toward color which has been a fun change.

Cassidy’s Fruity Tablescape

Tablecloth // Fruit Napkin Rings // Bon Appetite Napkins // Glass Dome

I love hosting dinner parties and when I saw this adorable napkins, I knew I wanted to dress my table up for spring and gather all of my friends around! I paired the napkins with these fruit napkins holders, they literally just make me happy when looking at them! I am also a sucker for mixing patterns and colors and I thought this red striped tablecloth would be interesting with the gold trim napkins! And finally I snagged this glass dome to house my cookies and other baked goods! I have a new found love for baking and I am always needing a way to display/store it in a cute way!

Tablecloth // Fruit Napkin Rings // Bon Appetite Napkins

Tablecloth // Fruit Napkin Rings // Bon Appetite Napkins // Glass Dome


Steph’s Spring Tablescape

Placemats [Misty Green] / Oversized Board / Candlestick Holders / Candlesticks [White] / Bud Vases [2 sets / 6 pieces]

Placemats [Misty Green] / Oversized Board / Candlestick Holders / Candlesticks [White] / Bud Vases [2 sets / 6 pieces]

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